Doctor Doom is Emperor in Our Newest Funko Pop Review 

Emerald City Comic Con has already passed and the Funko Pop exclusives have already been shipped out and received. One of my favorites from this year's convention was the Emperor Doom Pop vinyl from the 2015 Marvel Comics Secret Wars event. This is one of my favorite portrayals of Doctor Doom and this exclusive Funko Pop fits all the right boxes. So let's not keep the Emperor waiting any longer as we dive into another Bleeding Cool Funko Pop review. 

 Right of the back nothing is really special about the box from the rest of the Fantastic Four Funko series. Like the rest of the series, it does have a Fantastic Four logo as a backdrop inside the box, which is a great addition. For this figure though we do have the Emerald City Comic Con on the window of the Doctor Doom box. I wish we had a slight packaging change for such. A badass character like God Emperor Doctor Doom. 


The figure itself is pretty awesome as the new face mask and the white cloak really stand out. The whole mold is different from the original Doctor Doom Funk Pop vinyls and I have included pictures to show the differences. Emperor Doom is a unique "skin" for this iconic Marvel villain and I'm glad they made him. I hope we can see more costumes from Doctor Doom in the future from Funko like his Infamous Ironman suit and Doom 2099. You can get your own Doctor Doom ECCC Exclusive Funko still and they are located here.


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