Evangelion Activates Beast Mode with New Infinity Studio Statue

Infinity Studio has announced a new state from the hit anime series Evangelion. They have officially released photos of their upcoming Evangelion 2.0 Eva-02 Beast Mode statue. Fans of the series might know this special mode but in case some are unaware. The beast mode protocol was showed in Evangelion 2.0 when Eva pilot Mari used the secret code: The Beast. This unlocked Eva's restrictors and it initiates a physical transformation to where some might say it has abandoned its humanity. This animalistic style has been completely recreated with the Infinity Studio Evangelion statue. The pilot Mira is not included in this statue but e do get to see all of the Eva beast glory as it gets ready to take on the Tenth Angel.

This is a very sinister dynamic statue that has been created here. The team behind this piece put a lot of time and effort to give fans an excellent Evangelion statue. The colors are very bright and the dynamic explosion backdrop is a nicely done added touch to make the statue feel more alive. The horrifying face is quite intense as the teeth and the tongue brings the Eva-02 beast alive. I am quite fond of the amount of detail they put into this collectible and any fan of the Evangelion series should be too. They really captured the aspect of the Beast but I do wish we got to see some of the pilot Mari in this statue as we do get a lot of Eva collectibles but it seems like they look over the human aspects of this series. However, this is first to see the one of the Eva's at full power. Infinity Studio has not given us a release date or a price just yet but you will be able to find pre-orders here when it goes live. Check out the official photos below:

Evangelion Beast Mode Statue from Infinity Studio
Eva-02 Beast Mode Activated, photo from Infinity Studio.

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