Fallout Fans Will Want to Order the New Toynk Nanoforce Figures

Fallout fans are busy playing Fallout 76, but if there is one thing fans of Bethesda's universe like more than the games, it is collecting things.  There is no shortage of Fallout-related memorabilia to get out there and purchase, that's for sure. One of the cooler companies making things is Toynk. Hats, cola, pins, lanyards, shirts, a little of everything is available, but one item caught my eyes over all others. They were nice enough to send over a sample of their newest creation: Nanoforce.

Nanoforce figures are Toynk's version of the classic army man toys of old. The difference is that these are all Fallout themed. The packs come in a bag, and contain 12 pieces in total: eight figures and four tokens. The figures are in dark blue and orange, and all are molded to a stand to make them upright. I especially like the tokens and how they look like they are on display. Six Vault Boys are included: Strongman, Scientist, Reaper, Drinker, Soldier and Leprechaun. The Six Tokens are: Mini Nuke, Armored Dogmeat, Grognak's Axe, Nuka Cola Bottle, Thirst Zapper and Jangles The Moon Monkey.

The detail on these is top notch, way more than our army men. The Vault Boys are great, I especially like Reaper. The Nuka Cola and Thirst Zapper would be my standout tokens. There is not any bad ones in the bunch however, and with two more waves of these coming soon, it won't be too long until these will be filling my countertops, desk, and collection shelf.

These are really great, and hopefully we can get a few waves to really cover all the ground in the Fallout series. If you want to give them a shot, you can order some for yourself here.

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