Fantastic Four Funko Pops: Original Versus Modern Designs

It's Fantastic Four day here at Bleeding Cool as we get excited yet again as we reviewed the whole wave of the Fantastic Four Funko Pops. If you did not check them out we have split the entire wave of Funko Pop figures into four separate reviews each one covering a specific part of Fantastic Four history. If you're a fan of Funko you definitely should check them out and see which ones you want to add to your collection. However this time we're changing it up as we want to look to the past with Funko.

If you didn't know these aren't the first Fantastic Four Funko Pops to come out. The Thing and Dr. Doom we're already popified back between 2011 and 2013 as one of the first waves of Marvel Pops to come out. Being a Funko collector I have these two figures already and I wanted us to take a look at these characters and just see how far Funko has come since then.


The Thing is first and was originally released back in 2011 way back before Funko really got famous. He was numbered at 09 and was released in the second wave of the Marvel Universe Pops. If you're new to Funko you probably didn't know but most of the original Funko Pops were the same body mold with just different details on them. It was definitely something simple and fun and a lot of collectors still look to obtain for their collections. Right off the bat, you can tell there are major and definite differences between the characters not only from the mold itself but in the packaging. Funko has upgraded its packaging with more vibrant logos and more details on its box.

The characters models themselves just speak for themselves. The original The Thing kinda looks like a rock Kermit, to be honest, but I love it. The old one it's just so simple and basic and being such a big fan of the Fantastic Four I just had to have it. You can't deny how amazing the new mold is compared to the old one. He's way more vibrant and dynamic with a huge color difference from the bright orange to the more Thing styled color. The Fantastic Four has been such an iconic family that it's not surprising that they updated their molds with the new release. As Funko goes on you can see that they are getting better and better with the designs and as of this moment the skies the limit. I won't be able to help you secure an old Thing but I can direct you to buy one of the new ones and you can find him located here.

Fantastic Four Funko Pops: Original Versus Modern Designs

The next character we are going to be looking at is none other than the Fantastic Four number one bad guy Dr. Doom. The original Doctor Doom came out in 2013 and he is number 17 of the original Marvel Universe Funko Pop characters. After 7 years we finally got to see a newly updated version in the newest wave a Fantastic Four Pops. You can easily see a difference between the boxes just like The Thing. You can definitely see that Funk has added a lot more thought and design into the packaging. It's the small details that really show and I'm sure it'll get even more impressive in the future.

Doctor Doom himself is very different now from his older Funko counterpart. I do like how the mask in the 2013 version is more fitted to his face and you can see the skin around his eyes. While the new one mainly sticks to the normal Funko eyes with the mask snuck and update on his face. The old one features the old iconic body while the new one is more dynamic and posed. This is an easy representation just to show you how far Funko has come from their beginnings and I can only imagine what is on the horizon next. I will not be able to help you locate your own original Dr. Doom but I can direct you to find one of the newer ones and you can find him located here.

Fantastic Four Funko Pops: Original Versus Modern Designs

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