Game of Thrones Calls You Back to Westeros with Dark Horse Iron Throne

Game of Thrones was easily one of the biggest shows to come across our screen this decade. The season finale seemed to be a let down for a lot of fans. It is still a great show no matter how you look at it and now you can bring home a piece of its legacy. Dark Horse Comics is bringing us an 18" replica of Game of Thrones iconic Iron Throne. This piece is highly detailed and would be perfect for any larger action figure. Give the power of Westeros to any figure with this polyresin crafted statue. The craftsmanship on this mini replica is amazing with all the little details on the throne and the swords can appeal to any fan. This would also be a great display piece for any larger figure you have. I think Hot Toys would be a good bet due to their size and the size of this Iron Throne. Its time to give the power back and let us choose who will rule this iconic kingdom!

The Game of Thrones Iron Throne 18" Replica from Dark Horse Comics is priced at $200 and is set to release between February and March 2020. This mini replica is only limited edition to 200 pieces too! So act fast and lock down your pre-order here.

"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die."

Game of Thrones Calls You Back to Westeros with Dark Horse Iron Throne

Iron Throne 18" Replica by Dark Horse Comics


One of the most recognizable images in the acclaimed HBO series, Game of Thrones, is the iconic Iron Throne. Dark Horse Direct has replicated the seat of the kings of Westeros and not a single sword has been overlooked, in either sculpture or paint application.

Towering at 18" tall, this meticulously crafted polyresin statue would make even Aegon the Conqueror proud. Claim this throne for yourself and your domain but, remember, it is not a seat where a man can rest at ease. 

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