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GI Joe Week: Classic Storm Shadow Joins The Classified Team

GI Joe Week continues today with our look at one of the most anticipated figures coming this summer to the Classified line, Storm Shadow. A lot of people think that this should have been in the first wave, like Snake Eyes. Instead, they held him back for a little while. This is not the first one in the line, as we got an Amazon-exclusive Arctic Storm Shadow in 2020. But this is classic Storm Shadow, in the white gear we all know and love. Hasbro sent us over a box of GI Joe figures to look at, and this was a part of it. We thank them for sending this over, so let's take a look.

GI Joe Classified Gets Better And Better

I am a little sad that the packaging for GI Joe Classified is ending. I will miss the big window on the front showing off the figure inside, but I also like the Earth and care about it not dying, so I can keep buying figures, so in the end, I am okay with it. This figure still has it and might be one of the last with it. At least we will have more opportunity to see the sweet artwork they put on the side of the box now and not just a sliver.

Man, they nailed this figure. The white on his outfit is so good, and I love that we can swap out the hood easily for an up or down look. All of his gear fits perfectly on his person, like all other GI Joe Classified figures, though with the bow on there it looks a little crowded. What really sits this one apart is the articulation. This figure has the Hasbro butterfly joints so that he can actually use his bow like an actual person would. It looks completely natural, and not just with the bow. Having him be able to reach for his swords on his back makes for a cool pose as well and looks, again, natural. All because of those joints. What a game-changer. He has other standard articulation as well and is just as fun and easy to play around with as other figures in the line. Those butterfly joints, though, that is what put this over the top.

GI Joe Week: Classic Storm Shadow Joins The Classified Team

Anyone who is on the fence about collecting GI Joe Classified, just hand them this figure, and they will be hooked. It is that good and easily one of the five best releases they have done so far. He will be hitting stores in the next few weeks, and you better grab him when you see him; he will be a tough get.

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