Gremlins Gizo Toy Coming From…Mountain Dew and NTWRK App

Gremlins fans have a new Gizmo collectible to add to their collections, although it is not a partnership any of us would have expected. Hot on the heels of their Super Bowl commercial from earlier this year, Mountain Dew Zero Sugar and UK designers I Love Dust will release a special edition Gizmo from Gremlins on the NTWRK app. The DZS x Gremlins Gizmo doll will come in a vacuum-sealed bag and a Mountain Dew display case. The doll will feature the saying "As Good As The Original, Maybe Even Better" on the left ear to celebrate the collaboration, while the right ear will feature a Mountain Dew Zero Sugar logo. It is available to order exclusively on the NTWRK app on March 26th. It will run Gremlins fans $300. Check it out below.

Gremlins Gizo Toy Coming From...Mountain Dew and NTWRK App

Gremlins Fans…Do You Want This?

"Retailing for $300, the Gizmo collectible arrives in a vacuum-sealed bag and DEW display case, making it easy for fans to follow the three rules: Do not expose Gizmo to light, do not let Gizmo come in contact with water, and never feed Gizmo after midnight. Plus, to commemorate the DZS partnership, the back of Gizmo's left ear reads "As Good As The Original, Maybe Even Better," while the right ear features the MTN DEW Zero Sugar logo. Check out the limited-edition DZS Gizmo collectible when it drops on NTWRK on March 26th."

I have to ask, are any Gremlins collectors or fans going to snag this, or are they excited about it? I would think the Mountain Dew logo on the ear is a dealbreaker. I get why it is there, and as a fan of food product tie-ins, I personally love this, but that logo…it feels like at that price point, it might be a deal-breaker. I might be wrong, though. Make sure to have the NTWRK app ready to go that day; these drops sell out super fast.

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