Hasbro Changes Marvel Legends Packaging with Windowless Design 

For many collectors, finding action figures in the wild is one of the perks of collecting. Obviously, finding more than one figure is obviously ideal, giving collectors the ability to pick which one is the best. We all know paint errors happen from crossed eyes, scratched suits, and plenty of other cosmetic issues. It use to be easy to spot these issues, but now things will get a little harder as Hasbro has started to implement their new Marvel Legends packaging. Hasbro just revealed some of their new Spider-Man figures from the Fall and Winter months of 2022, with all of them showcasing this new no-window packaging design. 

We already knew Hasbro would be implementing a plastic-free package for their products, and they have already started to implement it in current lines. The Fortnite Victory Royale Series, Transformers: Legacy, and Deluxe Star Wars: The Vintage Collection have witnessed this change already. We have even started to see some in the world of Marvel legends before this with their VHS styled Hasbro Pulse Exclusive X-Men: The Animated Series line. These new packs will feature the same design as the previous ones but now have no plastic window but an image of the figure inside. 

I know many collectors will not care, but plenty, I'm sure, will complain about this change, and I'm sure it'll impact the third-party market. Collectors will now have to open each figure to see if everything is alright with each. Of course, this is a small price to pay for saving the Earth, but I do hope we see a better design for the boxes. Transformers: Legacy has some pretty sweet art as well as the Marvel Legends X-Men VHS boxes. If Hasbro wants to showcase the toys then I would love to see some of these boxes show off work from excellent toy photographers like D-Amazing. I am fine with the change; it will just allow a lot more figures to get opened. All of these new Spider-Man figures featuring the new packaging are all up for pre-orders and can be found here, here, and here. What do you think of Hasbro's new windowless Marvel Legends boxes?

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