Hasbro Finally Reveals Star Wars: The Black Series Rancor HasLab

The time has come where we get our first look at the first Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series HasLab campaign. With the 40th anniversary of The Return of the Jedi coming in 2023, it only makes sense to unleash the power of the Rancor. This massive figure will tower over your 6" scale figure and will feature a mighty 42 inches arm span, will standing 17.5" tall, with a reach of 27". With 45 points of articulation, the Star Wars Rancor will be able to beautifully put any figure in his mouth with the hands featuring full articulation to do so.

Hasbro is being very ambitious with this HasLab campaign as the Rancor comes in at the same pried as the Marvel Sentinel with a $350 price tag. There will be four-tier unlocks but as this figure is half the size of a Sentinel and does not feature any LED effect. I'm surprised at the price as after the glorious success of the Transformers Victory Saber HasLab a smaller price tag is fine. At this point, they are just marketing off of the Star Wars name. This project will run from October 22nd to December 6th and has a Spring 2023 release date if successful. I only hope more can be included with this figure with maybe Jabba, Luke, or other Return of the Jedi goodies to really make it worth that $350 value. The HasLab campaign is live right here, so be sure to join it to give your The Black Series figures something to fear.

"A terrifying and mesmerizing creature, the Rancor is an unforgettable part of the Star Wars galaxy. When the team began to think about The Black Series HasLab project, the Rancor was the undisputed winner. It's even one of our designer's favorite movie monsters of ALL TIME. How could it not be?! A ferocious and formidable opponent whose commanding size and brute force strength is enough to rattle even the most powerful Jedi™. And HasLab is the only way to bring the Rancor to you. Here we have the freedom to breathe new life into classic figures in an extraordinary out-of-the-box way, creating legendary sculpts to add to your collection. Join us by funding this larger-than-life monster now."

  • The largest figure ever made by Star Wars: The Black Series. It dwarfs our standard 6-inch-scale figures… as it should.
  • At 42 inches (106.68 cm) long, the Rancor's arm span makes it wider than it is tall, helping recreate his formidable, inescapable presence.
  • Its 12.8 inches (32.512 cm) deep (from nose to the back of the figure) and 12 inches (30.48 cm) wide body (from shoulder to shoulder) gives the Rancor substance and durability.
  • Standing at 17.5 inches (44.45 cm) tall, the Rancor can stretch its arms up to give it an even more massive height of 27 inches (68.58 cm), allowing fans to replicate any of the fearsome roaring poses seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
  • Over 45 points of articulation, the most ever done in The Black Series, all the way down to its talons. This gives the Rancor the ability to grab The Black Series 6-inch-scale figures in its talons and bring them up to its articulated jaw for a "snack". After which, you may want to adjust the piece of drool by its mouth.

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