Marvel Legends Ghost Rider HasLabs Stalls Out, No Early Bird Special

The newest Marvel Legends HasLab has arrived, and Hasbro is crowd-funding the Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance! This set is honestly fantastic, as it gives us teh All-New Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes with a 1:12 Engine of Vengeance. The vehicle will have some LED elements as well as swappable fire elements to switch the car into standard and hell mode. We do also receive a new Ghost Rider figure with a fantastic sculpt and a nice set of accessories like his iconic chain. However, the price on this HasLab is pretty insane, coming in at a whopping $350, which was the same as the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Razor Crest and Marvel Legends Sentinel. Why is Hasbro asking so much for a vehicle that Mattel has already captured for 1/3 the price? 

We knew the Hellcharger was heading our way, but it was all about the price, and Hasbro really stalled out with this one. Earlier this year, Mattel dished out their sweet Hot Wheels R/C Batmobile for The Batman, and it was only $107! This R/C car could hit 10 mph, had LED headlights, a charging cable, light-up booster, and while the doors didn't open, a figure could fit inside. The Engine of Vengeance does come with a new Ghost Rider figure and has some more features, but $200-250 would be an easier sell. Hasbro did reveal there was an Early Bird special for backers if the HasLab hit its 9,000 backer goal. This would give fans a human version of Robbie Reyes, and after a week, the camping did not make it, and it's still stuck around 5,600.

Price is the biggest factor here, and it is hard to justify putting down almost $400 (after taxes) for a car and a figure. The Marvel Legends team did tell fans that all extra Tier Unlocks would be Marvel Legends figures. Mephisto was the first reveal, but it will take collectors another 3,000 backers (12,000) in total to unlock him. Engine of Vengeance's 9,000 goal is already a lot, so I doubt we will see it hit its extra goals, but it is the extra goals that would make this HasLab worth it. If we did unlock Robbie Reyes, we would have received the Hellcharger and possibly six Legends figures. That would be worth the crazy $350 asking price, but everything is still up in the air with 35 days left and only 3,400 backers to go. The Marvel Legends HasLab Engine of Vengeance can be found here; just don't sign your soul away for it. 

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