Hot Toys SDCC 2020 – Iron Man 2 Whiplash and Mark IV Armor

This week is just chaos for collectors as more San Diego Comic Con exclusive is revealed. This time it's Hot Toys time to shine as they announce four new figures. The first two we mention earlier with Thor Ragnarok Stan Lee and Spider-Man 2099 from Marvel's Spider-Man and you can check out both of those figures here. This time we are getting invincible as two new Iron Man figures have been announced. The first one is from the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Iron Man 2 as Whiplash emerges. The figure captures the on screen portrayal of Mickey Rourke. He will feature a new head sculpt, perfect tattoo placement, LED lights on the front and back, his deadly whips, and of course electrifying effects. We will also be getting the Iron Man 2 Mark IV Holographic Armor. This is a new and unique style from previous models. This translucent molding shows off the unique red and gold colors of the suit. His arc reactor and eyes will both be powered by LED which will bring the suit to life. These are tow figures that Iron Man fans will not want to miss out on and they will be available during the Sideshow Con which will take place between July 20 through the 26th. You could register to be one of the first to get notified when these figures go live here.

Hot Toys SDCC 2020 – Iron Man 2 – Whiplash and Mark IV Armor

"He is the armor clad, energy, whip wielding specialist, Whiplash! The most loved villain ever battled in Iron Man 2. Recreating an Arc Reactor based on his father's design and building armor similar to the Iron Man's, Whiplash has terrified Tony Stark at the Monaco racing track. In response to the continued popularity of Hot Toys' earliest creations, we are pleased to officially present the 1/6th scale Whiplash collectible figure with a road and pavement diorama figure stand as an exclusive item available only in selected markets."
"The movie-accurate figure is skillfully crafted based on Mickey Rourke's portrayal of Whiplash/Ivan Vanko, Iron Man's enemy in the movie, features a newly painted head sculpt with detailed hair sculpture, remarkable patterned tattoos on upper body, LED light-up Arc Reactor on chest and back, finely tailored costume with burnt marks, Whiplash's deadly electricified whips and electric effects, as well as a specially designed diorama figure stand."
"Take Iron Man collectible experience to a whole new level! Hot Toys team is recreating the realistic look of the visually futuristic armor while offering a fascinating glimpse into the Marvel's iconic suit! Designed by Tony Stark, Iron Man Mark IV suit has left a remarkable impression among the hearts of fans for its grand entrance in Marvel Cinematic Universe."
"Being the very first Hot Toys' figure that adopts an overall translucent matte appearance, the 1/6th scale Iron man Mark IV (Holographic Version) collectible figure in shades of red and gold livery demonstrates Hot Toys team's incredible workmanship that combines creativity and the refined gear design. Crafted using the latest technology, the one-of-a-kind Iron Man figure is a 2020 Toy Fair Exclusive item, available only in selected markets!"
"The highly-detailed figure is perfectly crafted based on the image of Iron Man Mark IV armor in the movie, features a meticulously sculpted armored body with movie-accurate proportion; strengthen articulation performance by a number of diecast parts; newly designed armor parts composed of translucent matte material in distinctive red and gold colors, revealing the mechanical design and details of the complex armor; LED light-up functions on Arc Reactor with circular-shaped indent on chest, eyes, hands, and forearms; two sets of interchangeable forearm armor, a specially designed figure stand in translucent black color."

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