Jurassic Park III Ankylosaurus Stomps the Yard with Mattel

Next year is a big year for Jurassic Park as it marks its landmark 30th anniversary. If you are a collector, then one of the best Jurassic Park lines on the market right now is Mattel's impressive Hammond Collection. The line brings both people and dinosaurs to life with impressive articulation, detail, in a glorious 3.75" format. We have yet to dive into at the era of Jurassic World, but we have slowly started to see most of the main characters in dinosaurs from the first three Jurassic Park films. A brand new dinosaur figure has been revealed as the Ankylosaurus comes to life right from Jurassic Park III during the boat scene, just before the Spinosaurus encounter. 

This beautifully crafted dinosaur is faithfully re-created from its on-screen appearance, and it features a high amount of articulation with a moving jaw, legs, and of course, her tail. One unique thing about this new set of Hammond Collection figures is that it will show off the new Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary logo on the front, which definitely helps the landmark event. The Jurassic Park Hammond Collection seems to be first to market at Target stores and then will arrive at other most online fan channel retailers like EE and BBTS. Mattel is slowly bringing Jurassic Park to life with this line making this one of the best series for fans to date. The Ankylosaurus is priced at $21.99, and while no release date is known, fans can find pre-orders here. Clever girl.

Jurassic Park III Ankylosaurus Comes to Life

"The Hammond Collection sets a new quality standard for dinosaur figures as it celebrates the entire Jurassic World franchise. Discover this Ankylosaurus figure from Jurassic Park III with premium textures and movie-authentic design. With 19 points of articulation, including legs, neck, jaw and tail, it's ready to pose in a spectacular display. Colors and decorations may vary."

  • Celebrate Jurassic Park's 30th Anniversary! It's been 30 years since the premiere of the franchise in 1993. Special themed packaging includes the 30th Anniversary logo
  • Authentic design. The 11.5-inch long Ankylosaurus will delight discerning collectors. Its movie-accurate sculpt and textures will make it a dramatic highlight of any dinosaur display
  • Deluxe articulation! This figure has 19 movable joints, including triple articulated legs, movable neck and jaw. It has a multi-jointed tail ready for dramatic display poses

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