Jurassic Park T-Rex Eats a Snack with Iron Studios Newest Statue 

Iron Studios is back with a new and fantastic assortment of 1/10 Art Scale statues like a new Jurassic Park Attack sequence 

The Park is coming to life once again as Iron Studios debuts their latest Jurassic Park Icons statue. Fans will revisit the T-Rex breakout scene as Rexy is ready for a snack. Breaking through the bathroom reveals this Dino's latest snack with the blood-sucking lawyer Donald Gennaro. Sitting upon a toilet is this layer's last act before he becomes T-Rex food as Iron Studios brings this Jurassic Park scene to life. Coming in at a mighty 26" long, 11.8" tall, and 11" deep, this prehistoric carnivore comes to life just in time for the film's 30th anniversary. Iron Studios did not hold back with this statue, and it is an incredible piece for any fan of this iconic film; however, it does not come cheap. The Jurassic Park T-Rex Attack statue is priced at a whopping $999.99 and set for Q3 2023. This beauty is set to roar into your collection right here soon. Be sure to check out some of the other prehistoric statues offered by Iron Studios as well to bring the park right to your home. 

Revisit the T-Rex Breakout Scene with Iron Studios

"Under the torrential rain of a storm in the wild, Isla Nublar, a giant and relentless prehistoric carnivore predator, was recreated in the present day by genetic engineering as an attraction of a safari and zoo theme park, after breaking its containment fence where it was locked, watches closely for a few seconds its first human prey, shaking with fear and despair because of a such unusual situation right before getting eaten."

"Iron Studios present the diorama statue "T-Rex attacks Donald Gennaro – Jurassic Park – Demi Scale 1/20", with the most iconic dinosaur, the symbol of the Jurassic Park franchise, the Tyrannosaurus, or simply T-Rex, in the most shocking moment of its first appearance on the movie that started the trilogy in 1993, when it eats the greedy lawyer, Donald Gennaro."

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