Let's Take a Look at NECA's Pennywise (2017) Figure

NECA and their line of Ultimate figures continue to thrill collectors of the horror and sci-fi genres. Many of them are the definitive versions of whatever character you are buying. They have made the best Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees figures we will ever see, their Predator and Alien lines never stop amazing, and now arguably their most requested figures are hitting the market. Both screen versions of Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King's IT are here, and if the Tim Curry version is anything like this one, they are more than worth the wait.

Today we will be looking at the Bill Skarsgård version of Pennywise from 2017's big screen version. First the packaging. Like all of these horror figures, I can totally see why people keep these MOC. The front of the box features the film's one-sheet poster, one of the best of the last few years. The back features all of the various headsculpts and accessories inside the box. Lifting the front flap, you get an iconic shot of the figure, along with a giant window box panel that perfectly displays Pennywise in all his glory. A lot of work goes into the design of these boxes, and they always look fantastic.

But, I open my figures. And once you get Pennywise out of the box, you get a true appreciation of the sculpting work done on this guy. The amount of detail on the outfit is incredible, I actually forgot that this was not real fabric until I got him out of the box. Even the three red poof balls look real. The gray used on his costume really shines the more shadows hit the figure, it gives everything a more sinister, realistic effect. Great, great stuff there. Articulation is everywhere, and while in the past that has been an issue with keeping some of my Xenomorphs upright, that is far from the case here. no matter how you choose to pose him, Pennywise looks menacing and creepy.

Of the three swappable heads, my favorite is the sinister smile one. Not that the other two don't look great, but there is just something special with the way that Skarsgård smiled as Pennywise that made him that much more unnerving. The one thing I could complain about with this figure is that it is a little bit of a struggle to swap out the hands and heads. Not impossible or anything, just not easy. The balloon is a genius accessory, and it was super simple to feed the wire into his hand so that he can hold it aloft.

I love this Pennywise. It was my favorite film last year, and to have this in my collection brings me great joy. You should buy one. NECA now has a display in all Target stores, but if you cannot find it there you can purchase one here.

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