Let's Taste Test the New Good Humor WWE Ice Cream Bars

WWE ice creams bars were an important part of many childhoods. I personally have many a fond memory of buying those boxes as a kid and devouring those bars while watching wrestling. When CM Punk a few years ago pushed them to re-release them, I was giddy. Even though they didn't come back, we always held out hope that the WWE would hear us and put them back out. A few weeks back, it came out that Good Humor would be putting out WWE ice cream bars, and the wrestling community lost their collective minds. Sadly, after getting them in hand today, while not bad, these are a far cry from the ice cream bars we all pine for.

Half the battle is the packaging with these, and it doesn't disappoint. The front of the box catches the eye immediately, while the side featuring the more classic WWE ice cream bar art style is is super cool. Then you flip to the back and it's basically an ad for the WWE Network, along with a crappy cut out of Roman Reigns. Overall, they nailed the outside.

Then you open the box. Each contains four bars. I got two boxes, and both were the same- two Roman Reigns, one John Cena, and one Macho Man Randy Savage/Becky Lynch. It sucks that they didn't give Savage and Becky their own bars, such a weird decision. These are basically just Good Humor ice cream sandwiches as well, no chocolate, no stick. WWE fans, they don't even come in individual boxes like the old ones. That being said, they taste fine. I like ice cream sandwiches just fine, so I enjoyed eating it. But it desperately needed chocolate on one side.

On a whole, these average out to be about $1 a bar, and that's not a bad price. WWE fans young and old can enjoy these, and while not exactly what fans wanted at all, they are a nice treat, a good portion, and as a whole enjoyable. Let's all buy them so that maybe we can get what we truly want.

You can check to see if a store near you has these in stock here.

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