Marvel Spoils Spider-Man: No Way Home With New Funko Pops

The mystery behind the upcoming film, Spider-Man: No Way Home continues as Marvel reveals a huge assortment of upcoming collectibles. One of these unveilings was a new wave of Pop Vinyls from Funko giving us a first look at the film. We still have yet to see a Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer so it is kind of crazy to see all of these spoilers ahead of seeing any actual footage of the film. We do get some confirmation of who will be in the film with MJ, Ned, and Doctor Strange. This is the first Ned Pop we are getting from Funko so that pretty awesome for Spidey fans out. On top of these figures there is a couple of spoilers releasing give Marvel Cinematic Universe fans a closer look at some of the upcoming suits:

As you can see above, two new suits will be revealed in Spider-Man: No Way Home with a brand new Black and Gold suit and the new Integrated Suit. For the Black and Gold suit, it is crazy to see Spider-Man in a new black suit without the use of Venom, so I am curious how this suit will play out in the film. Target will also be getting an exclusive 10" version of the Black and Gold suit,4 and pre-orders have already landed here. One of the coolest Pops in this wave is the Spoiler Integrated Spidey suit that shows off Spider-Man will some Doctor Strange enhancements. We do know Doctor Strange will be set up as Peter's new mentor in some way and this just show that he is also picking up a little more than just tips and tricks. I hope we can see a Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer soon to help us make more sense of what these Pops mean. In the meantime, Funko fanatics will be able to pre-order all of the commons right here and now with them all set to release in August 2021.

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