Mattel Showcases Master Chief Armor in Their Halo SDCC Exclusive

Halo Infinite might have been delayed but fans can look ease their missing Halo love with Mattel's newest SDCC 2020 exclusive. Mattel was kind enough to deploy us one of their amazing Mega Construx Master Chief Collection Sets. As a Halo fan, this was an amazing collectible to see come out of their great Mega Construx line. The presentation did not disappoint so let us not wait any longer and dive right in with our newest collectible review.

The SDCC 2020 Mattel Halo Master Chief Collection is definitely a must have for any dedicated Halo fan. The collectible box features a Master Chief chest plate slipcover that has a chip on it. After you remove the slipcover you are greeted with a very special diorama with a Master Chief armor set. There is six little mini Mega Construx Chiefs ion the inside with some iconic Halo weapons from the game series. The lovely Cortana is standing front and center and names of the armor are listed on the back wall. What really separates this from most collectibles is that on the bottom of the box there are instructions to remove the chip from the slipcover packaging and insert it into the front of the diorama. This is where some the collectible really steps its game up to new levels.

Inserting the chip illuminates the entire display box with lights showcasing each Halo Master Chief armor set. The lighting definitely makes this a high and collectible in a perfect addition to any gamers Halo collection. The aesthetic alone with the grid style detail inside the box is truly unique. Even Cortana lights up as well and with the interior LEDs, this is a collectible that any collector can just put on their shelves and just admire it. Of course, fans can open up this to remove the Mega Construx figures and have their own Halo adventures. However, with packaging and detail that Mattel put into with is worth saving the whole box. I was very surprised at how amazing this collectible is and we want to thank Mattel once again for sending us a sample to share with you guys. Fans of this Master Chief Collection can find other Halo Construx collectibles here and keep your eye out from third parties to try to get your hands on this very special and unique SDCC 2020 Mattel exclusive.

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