Mattel's Masters of the Universe: Origins is a Pure Nostalgia Delight

I was born in 1993, so I missed out on a lot of the big franchises growing up as a kid with Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Masters of the Universe. While some of these franchises rebooted later on, like Micheal Bay's Transformers films, other ones really only stayed in the '80s. One of the biggest toy lines in the '80s was Masters of the Universe, and it easily took the world by storm. However, in 2020 Mattel decided to release their new Masters of the Universe: Origins figure line that features almost a re-release of all the figures. From classic packaging to newly articulated parts, He-Man is back and ready to fight for Eternia once again. We were recently sent some of the MOTU: Origins collection figures, and never having dealt with these figures in the past, I just had to see what the fuss was about.

Our Mattel friends sent us three figures from the MOTU: Origins collection with Clamp Champ, Battle Armor Skeletor, and He-Man. Even though I never purchased the figures as a kid, I know enough about the franchise and Mattel's beloved toy line to appreciate a nice re-release when I see it. However, I was not expecting these figures to be an absolute blast with amazing detail, fun accessories, and modern articulation that changes everything. Being the highlight of the brand, I started with He-Man, and this figure is the perfect blend of nostalgia with modern technology. He is loaded with detail, and the new moveable parts allow for a new assortment of poses that could not have been achieved in the past.

I then moved on to Clamp Champ, who isn't the most popular MOTU character, but his deluxe figure features a secondary head, hand, and two weapons. He will make a fine ally to He-Man's quest to stop Skeletor, and it is nice to see swappable heads included, giving some more customization options for these classic figures. I checked out the Masters of the Universe Origins Battle Armor Skeletor last, and he was loaded with sinister detail with his staff, power sword, shield, and even had swappable head and hand. Everything about this figure was amazing, from his articulation, weapons, and even the return of the iconic Power Armor functionality.

I have seen plenty of Masters of the Universe figures in-store and never really took the chance to check them out in person. Mattel changed my mind of this incredible toy line that when all is said and down is toys that can have their own adventures and is a simple good versus evil storyline. Whether you need a new franchise to collect, you missed the MOTU train, or are looking to relive your childhood; this series is for you. Mattel has already released quite a bit of this line with Mounts, Vehicles, Deluxe figures, and a massive assortment of solo figures that fans will want in their collection. Collectors can find the newest wave of figures up for pre-order right here, and you can find these in-store right now at big retailers like Walmart and Target.

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