Spawn Kickstarter Figure Gets Shipping Update From McFarlane

As shipments for the Original Spawn Remastered Action Figure and Comic start to roll out, Todd McFarlane gives one last shipping update. Many collectors are curious about when they will be getting their figure and what time frame we are looking at it arriving. McFarlane tells us that fans will get a tracking number but only when it arrives in America. Each Spawn shipment is coming in waves from China, each wave carrying 4-5 thousand figures per wave. No set order have been revealed so your backing number has no weight in this sort of shipment but backs who orders single packs will most likely be getting their order first. Each Spawn shipment is shipped by boat, making it a long 3-4 week journey to arrive and with the first shipment shipping out in December fans will start to see tracking numbers arrive soon.

Collectors who put in multiple orders might, including multiple 3-packs are getting separate tracking numbers. Fans might also be concerned that their figures will be damaged on the long journey but Todd McFarlane tells us not to worry as extra packing precautions have been made. Extra layers of cardboard have been inserted into each shipment to ensure that each Spawn Kickstarter figure arrives in excellent condition. With 23,761 backers, the shipment of Spawn Remastered figures will take time should be arriving soon. Images have surfaced of the contents inside, so if you cannot wait until then, search away, but I want to see the surprises for myself. Fans can check out more updates from McFarlane Toys and the entire Spawn project here.


"This figure will be 7 inches tall and come with a huge folding cape and weapon. The articulation in this version will be more than double what the original toy had, and the included comic cover will be re-drawn by the international award-winning artist and creator of the Spawn character, Todd McFarlane. As well, this new remastered version will come in its own box with slipcover to help preserve the condition of the figure, comic and packaging. And speaking of the actual blister packaging, it will mimic the original design from the classic toy of 1995, though upgrades will be all across the final product.

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