New York Toy Fair: 54 Photos from Good Smile Company

The tour continues as our collectibles heads are almost ready to explode after all of the amazing reveals so far. This time we take a stroll down to see what Good Smile Company has in store for us. We recently saw a massive amount of upcoming figures from prototypes, painted models and even concepts. This time we are getting some up close images of these upcoming collectibles that are just adorable. Nendoroids were the main focus here with Good Smile Company, which is no surprise as they are some amazing figures. Some prototypes were present like Hellboy, Bayonetta, and Red Riot. Each one is just asking for some color and we can wait to see who they are fully finished. Another couple greats we got to see were Mario and Luigi who are just dying to go on an adventure to our collectible shelves. Disney's Genie was pretty awesome to see too, his bright blue colors and animated mold made me want to own one today. These and so much more were showcased here and it only showed us how impressed we were with Good Smile Company and their booth. From Pop Up Parade My Hero statues a massive variety of Nendoroids on the way, we can't wait to spice up our collections. Pre-orders for some of these and more are already up and you can find them located here.

Check out our Photo Gallery from the Good Smile Company booth below:

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