Power Rangers Lightning Collection Reveals Dazzle Hasbro PulseCon

Power Rangers fans were glued to their screens this morning as Hasbro PulseCon started off with the long-running brand. Dino Fury fans enjoyed a panel featuring the cast talking about filming and the excitement around Lord Zedd returning. Then, it was time for the figure reveals and the Lightning Collection of course played a big role, as the line enters a new era of sorts after the full MMPR team is now out and in collectors hands. Many figures were shown off, so let's take a look at everything that is coming in the next few months.

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Reveals

The first reveal was a new Lightning Collection Lord Zedd helmet, which looks fantastic. It has vac metal, and the brain on top is soft. It even features a voice changer. Really cool stuff.

Then the Lightning Collection reveals started. For early 2022, we have the Dino Fury Red Ranger, and the next army builder the Zeo Cog, which looks pretty cool. Dino Charge Pink joins the line, and the wave wraps up with the Wild Force Lunar Wolf Ranger. These will also have exclusive packaging at Walmart when released.

They then announced that the Deluxe Lightning Collection figures will be back, with the first they talked about being a gnarly looking Pirantishead. But that is not all, as a Galaxy Glider is coming, starting with a blue one. It also has peg holes and small hole on the bottom to make it stand compatible. These are also coming in 2022.

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Reveals Dazzle Hasbro PulseCon
Credit Hasbro

And then FINALLY, they announced that they are working on Zords, starting with the Megazord. They have been working on it for over 20 months, and it is a thing of beauty. The Dino Megazord is one of the tallest versions ever done and stands 11 1/2 inches tall. It is in scale with the Lightning Collection, and you can even see the Power Rangers in the cockpit, and they are including little tiny Rangers as well.

This was one of the strongest Power Rangers panels in a long time. Most of this stuff will be on preorder today (October 22, 2021) at 5PM EST on Hasbro Pulse as well as other online retailers. No word on the Walmart exclusive packaged figures so stay tuned for more info as it comes on those. Keep your eyes peeled here all weekend for all the big PulseCon reveals and stay tuned for other panels coming today with NERF, Transformers, and Star Wars!

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