Kingdom Hearts III Sora and Riku Arrive with Square Enix Bring Arts

Square Enix is revisiting Kingdom Hearts III as they announce second version figures of Sora and Riku. Each character is perfectly sculpted and pulls the character right out of your TV with the Bring Arts line. Coming up first is Sora who is getting his Big Hero Six design that includes AR Goggles and Nanogear Keyblade. That is not all either as Sora stands roughly 6" tall, has three face plates, Starlight Keyblade, swappable hands, and a figure stand. Riku stands about 6.5" and comes with three keys with Brave Heart Keyblade, a Way to the Dawn Keyblade, a broken Way to the Dawn Keyblade. Kingdom Hearts III Riku will get three face plates, interchangeable hands, and a display stand. This dynamic duo is back and ready for action and will stop Xehanort at all costs.

The Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts Figures are both set to release in 2021. Big Hero Sora is getting a January 2021 release date and will be priced at roughly $80. He is not set for a US release just yet but fans can find him located on Square Enix Japan here. Riku (V2) is set to join Sora with a February 2021 release and he will be priced at roughly $80 as well. Riku can be found here along with Sora and the other Kingdom Hearts III characters also coming soon in their Bring Arts line. Do not miss out on adding Keyblade Master Aqua and Keyblade Wielder Terra to your KH collection too!

"Sora, the hero of "KINGDOM HEARTS ," has newly added face parts and other modeling to Bring Arts. Face parts that will be newly modeled are a normal face, a laughing face, and all three types when the AR device that appeared in the world of the movie "Baymax" is installed. Two types of key blades are included: Nanogear and Starlight. In addition, the mobile portal used by Sora in the work is newly included, making it a package where you can enjoy a deeper view of the world of the work."

"From "KINGDOM HEARTS ", Sora's childhood friend Riku has newly created modeling of face parts etc. in Bring Arts. There are three types of face parts that will be newly modeled: normal face, laughter face, battle face. Throughout the series' adventures, the facial expressions of Riku who have become reliable and gentle have been reproduced. In addition to Brave Heart, the key blade comes with a new way to the dawn. In addition, the broken Way to the Dawn, which was impressively drawn even in the scene under construction, is included, allowing you to reproduce various famous scenes."

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