Spawn Kickstarter Campaign Gives Us New Sneak Peeks

As the numbers continue to rise with the Spawn McFarlane Toys, we continually get continuous updates. This time Todd McFarlane has given us a sneak peek at upcoming weapons and even an up close look at a factory prototype figure. These updates of the figure really keep fans in the loop with the tracking of this amazing figure. First up, we get a glimpse at some of the free upgraded weapons that are coming to the Modern and Artist Proof. Originally, McFarlane Toys wanted to include the same weapon with each figure but will the campaign hitting over #1.5 million they wanted to make each figure unique. For the Modern figure design, which can best be seen from his recent design from Mortal Kombat 11. He will be given the new Launcher-Gun, nearly brings all 90s guns to combine into one badass weapon. The black and white artist proof Spawn figure will come with the massive Necro-Sword that is nicely detailed. We got images of the two weapons so far but that wasn't the end of the updates. Any pledge who gets an autographed figure will get a special wooden spiked weapon. This also means that any member of the 3-pack set will include 3 of the wooden weapons.

Todd McFarlane also gives fans an up-close sneak peek at a Spawn factory figure. This unpainted mold showed off some of the detail on the figure but it definitely showed the articulation. McFarlane Toys is really giving us an amazing figure here and from the hip joints, knee joints, a swivel waist, and more they are going all out. Check out the video here and see it in action for yourself. We have included some screencaps of some highlight but seeing him in action does way more justice. More updates will continue to come out as the pledge count gets higher and I can't wait to see what will happen when this Spawn Kickstarter campaign his 2 million. Make you don't take the step and get yours here because you will not want to miss this figure.

"Just wanted to show all of you the two free upgrade weapons we're working on. As mentioned in a previous Update sent to everyone, we decided to introduce some new weapons to a couple of our figures so that the three figures ( Classic, Modern and Artist Proof) did not all come with the exact same weapon as we had originally intended. Below you will see the new Launcher-Gun, which will come as the weapon for all MODERN SPAWN pledges and the huge Necro-Sword that will be packaged with the ARTIST PROOF SPAWN pledges."

"This means each single figure will now have their own unique weapon (plus those pledges that are getting the SIGNED figures, will also be receiving one Wooden-Spiked weapon, too). For those of you who ordered the 3-PACK TRILOGY, you'll be getting the three unique weapons (1 for each figure), plus 3 Wooden-Spiked weapons as well. We're still working on adding more details to these weapon sculpts (like the sword will have a mace ball handle), but was excited to show you what we have right now!"


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