Star Wars: Rebels Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios Coming Soon from Hasbro

Star Wars: Rebels fans have been waiting quite some time to finish their Black Series Ghost crew. Well, today is that day as Hasbro finally has unveiled Garazeb Orrelios aka Zeb will be coming this August. This figure will be a deluxe action figure and will be featured in the new Star Wars: The Black Series packaging which we talk about here. This bigger box is necessary for this bigger figure which will be nice as he will be correctly proportioned with your other Star Wars: Rebels figures. Zeb was first introduced in the hit series back in 2014 and is based on unused Ralph McQuarrie designs that were originally for Chewbacca. He is part of the Last alien race and he was a Captain in the Lasan Honor Guard whose homeward fell to the Empire. His main weapon is the bo-rifle that will be included with this deluxe figure. The Bo-rifle does have two functions and collectors will be able to switch between both rifle and bow staff modes with the added accessory. Star Wars: Rebels fans will be happy to see the realistic sculpt design for Zeb as Hasbro brings him off the screen.

Zeb will seemingly be highly articulated with multiple joints on his legs. This will allow a huge variety of poseability with this figure which is always a big plus for collectors. This figure has been long rumored and it is amazing to finally see the Ghost crew finally be reunited once again. Speaking of the Ghost Crew it looks like Hasbro will also be re-releasing each of Star Wars: Rebels members with the brand new packaging. They will be using purple throughout the box and will feature connecting side art that will look beautiful when fully displayed. Kanan, Ezra, Sabine, Hera, Chopper, and Ahsoka will be returning once again. The Star Wars: Rebels The Black Series Deluxe Zeb will be priced at a little higher with a $30-35 price range. Pre-orders are not live just yet but should be arriving shortly and you will be able to find them located here.

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