Star Wars Star Tours Disney Parks Wishables Are Adorable Must Buys

Star Wars collectors have an adorable addition to get for their collections right now, as the Disney Parks exclusive line of Wishables has come to a galaxy far, far away. The soft plush collectibles themed around Disney films and rides around the parks, the new wave that debuted on May The 4th is all about Star Tours, the beloved ride that takes you all over the galaxy and through various settings from the entire Star Wars saga. There are five total plush figures to collect, and while parks exclusive, these are available on Shop Disney as well, where we ordered them from as a way to bring a little of the parks home to us in these COVID times. Check out who we got below.

There Needs To Be More Star Wars Wishables…

Man, are these things cool. I am so happy that we got the classic ride vehicle, I have some pretty rotten luck with these sorts of things, so hopefully, my genuine surprise when we opened them was fun for you. These really are well made and highly addicting to collect; as stated in the video, we have a bunch of these already, and they look great mixed in with other Disney Parks collectibles on the shelf. I just can't wait now for more Star Wars waves. There needs to be a Galaxy's Edge wave, a droids wave, ooh! And an Ewok wave! Oh man, I need me some tiny, squishy Ewoks in my life.

Star Wars Star Tours Disney Parks Wishables Are Adorable Must Buys
Disney Parks Star Wars Wishables

I can't wait to get my hands on more of these. Star Tours holds a very special place in my heart; it was the first Disney Parks ride I ever went on, and the more merch I can get for my collection from it, the better. You can order these right now here.

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