Star Wars The Bad Batch Hunter Revealed for The Vintage Collection

Of all of Hasbro's licenses, I feel like the Star Wars line is the one that is the worst managed. I am not the only one who feels this, but they really seem to have no idea what the people want. Their Gaming Greats line is nothing but unnecessary characters; for other lines, its mostly repaints and rereleases in new packaging. We still hardly have any collectibles for Star Wars: The Bad Batch, and we got random  Imperial Officers before the full team was released. The second season of The Bad Batch is dropping in January 2023, and we are finally getting our first The Vintage Collection Clone Force 99 figure with Hunter. At long last, the leader of The Bad Batch is coming to 3.75" format with a gorgeous figure with a removal helmet, pistol, and knife. 

Hopefully, we will be getting the entire Clone Force 99 team in 3.75" format after this reveal. Before Hunter was revealed, Hasbro did release a special Amazon Exclusive four-pack with two clones, Elite Squad Trooper, and Captain Rex. It is weird to see no main characters arrive before the side characters make a debut, and someday Hasbro might figure that out. Hunter is not up for pre-order just yet, but you can find all of the other new Star Wars reveals from Hasbro here. 

Star Wars Clone Force 99 Arrives in 3.75" Format

"STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION HUNTER (HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/ More info to come!). Fans can celebrate the legacy of STAR WARS, the action-and-adventure-packed space saga from a galaxy far, far away, with premium 3.75-inch scale STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION HUNTER figure. This Hunter action figure is inspired by the character in the STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH animated series on Disney+." 

"The Bad Batch, technically known as Clone Force 99, is the result of Kaminoan experiments to create a specialist unit of clone commandos. Hunter, their leader, is a strong and stoic soldier with extraordinarily keen senses that give him an edge when tracking down his targets. The figure features premium detail and design across product and packaging inspired by the original Kenner line, as well as the entertainment-inspired collector grade deco. Includes figure and 5 entertainment-inspired accessory. More details to be announced soon!"

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