Star Wars Fans: Check Out This Bring Home the Bounty Unboxing

Star Wars collectors, there is a bunch of stuff coming at you over the next couple of months. Not only are there new waves and special releases in the Black Series and Vintage Collection, but plenty of new Lightsaber Forge releases, Grogu galore, and new Mission Fleet sets to separate you from your money. Hasbro was kind enough to send us a big box of some of the new items to show you guys, so watch the unboxing of the Star Wars goodies down below!

Lots Of Star Wars Goodies For Every Kind Of Collector

One of the things I do enjoy about the Star Wars lines from Hasbro is that there is something for everyone. Sure, we figure guys roll our eyes at things like Lightsaber Forge and Snackin Grogu. However, Star Wars is not just for us, and a lot of kids and even adult enjoy these things. They are gateways to the new generation of Star Wars collectors and should be celebrated, not derided for just existing.

As far as figures go, this is the one I was most excited about in the box. As an 80's/90's kid, I have a particular fondness for the Power of The Force 2 line, and as a Luke Skywalker focus collector, I am ecstatic to get my hands on this vintage style carded Luke in the Black Series. This is a repack, as we have seen this figure releases a few times now, though this features a better head sculpt and hair wash than the original release. I do not plan on opening it anyway. This card back needs to be preserved. It even has a file card!

Most of the products in the box and video can be ordered or preordered here. Thank you again to Hasbro for the cool stuff!

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