Superman Is the World's Finest in a New Sideshow Collectibles Figure

Superman is the best of all of us, he sees the good in anyone in everything. However, don't take that kindness because he sure knows how to pack a punch. Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled a new DC Comics Superman six scale figure. This Superman figure seems to be based on his comic book appearance. He features a custom-tailored cloth costume where the red and blue colors greatly shine here. He has an articulated body and comes with three pairs of hands that can be interchanged. Superman gets a nice little set of accessories, You get the Starro parasite, a box of kryptonite, and the bottled city of Kandor. This figure would be great for any DC Comics fan or a fan of Superman himself. 

The superman six scale figure by sideshow collectibles is priced at $240. He is also scheduled for release between June 2020 – August 2020. As always sideshow does provide payment plan so it gives you time to save up for this amazing figure and preorders are located here.

"It doesn't take X-Ray Vision to see you are up to no good."

Superman Is the World Finest in New Sideshow Collectibles Figure

DC Comics – Superman Sixth Scale Figure

"I'd rather good people trust me than bad people fear me."

Sideshow presents the Superman Sixth Scale Figure, joining our league of DC Comics collectibles.

Based on his iconic comic book appearance, the Superman Sixth Scale Figure features a custom-tailored fabric costume consisting of his blue suit detailed with the symbol of the House of El, red trunks, a yellow belt, and a red cape with his yellow symbol on the back. His heroic portrait has a strong jawline and sculpted hair complete with his signature kiss curl.

The Superman Sixth Scale Figure has an articulated body, perfect for capturing your favorite Kryptonian action poses. Kal-El has sculpted red boots with articulated ankle joints as well as three pairs of hands including fists, flight hands, and posed gesture hands. Detailed accessories direct from the Fortress of Solitude, including the bottle city of Kandor, a Starro parasite for the figure's portrait, and a box containing green Kryptonite let you display the Man of Steel in a number of unique and dynamic ways.

Take your DC Comics collection up, up, and away with the Superman Sixth Scale Figure today!

What's in the Box?

The Superman Sixth Scale Collectible Figure features:

  • One (1) comic-inspired Superman head sculpt
  • Fabric costume, including Classic blue bodysuit with yellow and red "S" shield on the chest
    • Red briefs
    • Red cape with yellow "S" shield on the back
    • Yellow belt with a belt buckle
  • One (1) pair of articulated boots
  • Three (3) pairs of hands, including Left and right fists
    • Left and right flight hands
    • Left and right posed hands
  • One (1) "Lead" box with Kryptonite Rock
  • One (1) Bottle City of Kandor

Additional Details & Dimensions

  • Materials – ABS , POM , PVC
  • Product Size – Height: 12″ (304.8 mm) | Weight: 1 lbs (0.45 kg)

Superman Is the World Finest in New Sideshow Collectibles Figure


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