Thanos the Mad Titan Returns with New Statue from Koyobukiya 

Thanos has returned and he is ready to conquer Earth! Kotobukiya is dropping another amazing Marvel Fine Art Series Statue. This one is defiantly one to bring home. Detailed to comic perfection, we have Thanos sitting on his throne. Unlike most statues, this one comes with two sets of LEDs are inside this bad boy. The first one is in his head where it can show off Thanos evil glare, with eyes that can supposedly follow you around the room. Lastly, they are in the Gauntlet itself! Giving you the power of all six infinity stone. The paint is very mentally and it really pulls it off with this statue. They shine with the lights that will really give you the full Thanos feel.

This statue is set for February 2020 and preorders are currently live and available here.

Check out the Mad Titan below!

The newest in line for our FINE ART renewal is THANOS: the character who has left a strong and lasting impact in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Revel at the sight of THANOS with THE INFINITY GAUNTLET as he seats himself on his Space Throne. 

His cold and eerie personality can be seen in his facial expression and the six Infinity Gems that shine brightly with an LED light inside of the Infinity Gauntlet. To top everything off, the "eyes" are what bring this statue to life. 

The microfiber LEDs illuminate each of THANOS' eyes to give the impression that he is glaring at you from any angle you look at him.  

The realism that can be seen in the sculpt of THANOS, from the way he looks down at inferior beings from atop his throne, to the optical illusion of his eyes always keeping watch, this statue gives off an evil and almost frightening vibe.

Available – February 2020


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