The Noble Collection Is Your Must-Stop Shop for DC Comics Replicas

The DCEU has definitely had a rocky start with the disappointment of the first Justice League film. It is unclear if Warner Bros plans on expanding their DC Comics film universe outside of new solo films or if they will even include the events of Zack Snyder's Justice League. When it comes to superhero films, many collectors out would love to own collectibles and props from these films. Well it just so happens that The Noble Collection is the best place to acquire some unique and impressive DC Comics props, replicas, and collections. Our friends over at The Noble Collection did send us two replicas to showcase with you guys with collectibles from Suicide Squad and Man of Steel.

Starting us off first is the Command Key necklace that comes to us from the film Man of Steel. The Command Key was created by Jor-El that he gave to his son Kal-El as he made his way to his new home: Earth. This key is shown multiple times in the film and can be used to access specific Kryptonian machinery and devices. In the film, it held the consciousness of Jor-El as well allowed Clark Kent to figure out who and what he was, and The Noble Collection brings it to life with this awesome necklace. Featuring a 24" chain, this simple yet elegant design captures a cool Superman collectible that will be a nice addition to any collection.

The fun does not end there as we also got to get our hands on a replica bat from Harley Quinn from the less popular 2016 Suicide Squad film. This film does get a bad reputation, but it did give us the first screen time for Margo Robbie's amazing Harley Quinn portrayal that kicked off a whole line of other films. The Harley Quinn Baseball Bat measures 31.5" tall, and features unique deco and stylings as seen in the film. From the Good Night logo on the side to the wrapped bat grip, this baseball bat is a worthy and heavy collectible that will definitely do some damage. Whether you liked Suicide Squad or not, this is a necessary addition to any Harley Quinn collection and would even be a better collectible to get an autograph on.

The Noble Collection has some of the coolest collectibles around that are high-quality and will enhance any collection. Some many DC Comics props and replicas are offered for Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and so much more. So incredible pieces fans won't want to miss include The Dark Knight Cowl and Bane Mask replicas from The Dark Knight Trilogy. From batarangs, Green Lantern's ring, Aquaman's Trident, and much more, DC Comics fans will have a blast getting their hands on the replica. With the holidays just around the corner, The Nobel Collection will be a great place for your gift hunting with everything and more located right here.

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