The Uncanny X-Men Are Here to Help with New Marvel Legends 3-Pack

Even more X-Men mayhem is upon us as Hasbro as pre-orders arrive for a second special 3-Figure set. The Marvel Legends team is back as they contour to bring the legendary Uncanny X-Men #275 cover to action figure form. This is the second 3-Pack that has been revealed, with the first features Gambit, Psylocke, and Banshee. Our next set comes with three more iconic mutants with Storm, Jubilee, and Forge. Forge is easily one of the highlight figures in the set, and he is packed with incredible detail right from Marvel Comics X-Men. As for accessories, Storm will come with swappable hands, including some with electric effect, and Jubilee will come with hands, secondary bubblegum head, glasses, and hand effects. Forge will get a mighty blaster and swappable hands that will easily help them take down the Brotherhood of Evil. These X-Men sets are amazing pieces for Marvel Comics fans and they're priced at $77.99 and set for a Sprig 2023 release. Fans will not see these on store shelves as they are Fan Channel exclusives and pre-orders are live at BBTS, EE, and here. 

Suit Up with X-Men's Storm, Forge, and Jubilee

"MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES MARVEL'S FORGE, STORM & JUBILEE – (HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $77.99 / Available: Spring 2023). Intrigue in the Shi'ar Empire has drawn X-Men Storm, Jubilee and Forge into outer space and conflict with former friends and allies the Starjammers and Imperial Guard! Celebrate the MARVEL UNIVERSE with these MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES MARVEL'S FORGE, STORM & JUBILEE figures."

"X-Men leader Storm rains down lighting with her weather-controlling powers to sort out who will take charge of the vast Shi'ar Empire. Jubilee pops gum and tries to keep her cool after she's whisked to the far reaches of outer space. Forge's mutant ability of invention is put to the test during his first foray into space, where the "Maker" makes a skysled, cloak-fields, blasters and then commandeers the Starjammer spaceship."

"These quality 6-inch scale figures feature deco inspired by the characters' appearance in Uncanny X-Men #275! Includes 3 figures and 13 entertainment-inspired accessories including a blaster rifle for Marvel's Forge, weather-controlling effects for Storm and Jubilee's figure has sunglasses and firework effect accessories among others."

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