TMNT Super7 Ultimates Wave 6 Preorders Are Live

TMNT Ultimates Wave 6 have been revealed by Super7 this morning, and five new figures are coming in this latest wave. Well, kinda. Ace Duck, Slash, Sewer Surfin Mikey, and Scratch will join the line this time. The fifth is a pack of Mousers that also comes with bonus accessories. So, five total figures if you count that pack. All will come loaded to the gills with accessories, and housed in the standard, amazing Ultimates packaging. Each figure costs $55, and yes that includes the Mousers pack. Preorders are open right now and will run until October 20th. Take a look at the figures below.

TMNT Super7 Ultimates Wave 6 Preorders Are Live
Credit Super7

TMNT Ultimates Wave 6 Details

"The latest additions to Super7's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ULTIMATES! lineup are some of the coolest yet, including a few fan favorite deep-cuts! Sewer Surfer Mike, Ace Duck, Scratch, Slash, and Mousers are all getting the ULTIMATES! treatment! These 7" scale highly articulated and intricately detailed figures come loaded with all the interchangeable parts and iconic accessories any TMNT collector could want! Don't play cat and mouse(r) with the decision to get them. You can't duck your desire to own them. Slash your way through any doubt and surf your way to the Add to Cart button and pre-order yours today! Available to pre-order until October 20, expected to deliver to you by Late Summer 2022."

For me personally, the inclusion of Sewer Surfin Mikey is a big deal. That was my first every TMNT figure, and I have every version ever made. I feel like that one was made specifically for me, so thank you Super7. I also have to say that even me, the biggest Super7 defender you will find, think it is crazy that the Mousers pack is $55. Way too steep if you ask me, but it is what it is. This line is gaining some major steam in collecting circles, so do not miss the latest wave. You can preorder all five figures right here.

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