Black Widow Dons Her Snow Suit Once Again with Queen Studios

The solo adventures of Black Widow continue as Queen Studios reveals their newest Black Widow collectible. Natasha Romanoff is back, and this time she is ready to embrace some Russian weather with her new all white snow suit. Standing at 19.5″ tall, Black Widow is displayed in a beautiful action pose as she stands on a themed display base from the film. The craftsmanship of Queen Studios really shines here, capturing the beauty of this Avenger and showcasing her in a badass action pose that will shine. Black Widow fans will not want to miss owning this limited edition statue that has a 600 piece edition size and will be priced at $795. Pre-orders are scheduled to go live today and with this statue being released overseas so be sure to go through your usual methods to acquire one like here.

"Black Widow (Snow Suit) 1/4 Statue – Natasha Romanoff was trained from a young age to cultivate a very specific set of skills within the red room, a top secret spy facility. She emerged from the program as the Black Widow, a spy of the highest caliber. However, she eventually turned on her trainers and defected to the US and began working for S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers. Today, her vast fighting skills, intellectual cunning and unwavering bravery allow her to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with super soldiers, Asgardian gods, and enhanced individuals of immense power"

"As Black Widow embarks on a secret mission to the frozen Siberian Tundra, the time calls for specialised gear in the Snowdrift. Natasha Romanoff trades in her namesake dark look for a stark minimalist, all white appearance, perfect for maintaining the snowy environment. The Queen Studios team have painstakingly sculpted this limited edition statue to capture the snow suit with remarkable accuracy, along with the Black Widow's upgraded stun batons, capable of transforming into flexible whiplike weapons."

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