Magneto Becomes Venomized in the NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Exclusive

Venom has really started to make his comeback into the world of Marvel Comics. One of the coolest tons to come from Venom's comeback is the Venomized variant comic book covers. These covers show off a wide variety of Marvel heroes and villains and what they would look like with the venom symbiotic. Many companies have marketed off this idea but Funko has really been captivating it's with some great releases with Venomized version of Ghost Rider, Black Panther, Daredevil, and even Thanos. For NYCC 2020, Funko released a special Venomized Magneto and we have him here as part of our newest Funko Pop review so let's dive in.

Magneto features the same box deco as the other figure in the line but of course, has its NYCC sticker on the window. The Funko Pop shows off the villainous Magneto in his classic Marvel Comics costume with a combination of the symbiotic. His face has completely changed to show off the symbiotes face underneath as we see seem bright blue eyes and sharp teeth. His body and legs are quite veiny as venom has enhanced his strength and powers. The coolest thing about this Venomized Pop is the use of Magneto's cape and how it has come to life. The purple cape is now shown with a "living" design as the Venom symbiote created this costume for the Master of Magnetism. This already deadly villain now has enough power to crush any X-Men that stand in his way.

Magneto Becomes Venomized in the NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Exclusive

These Venomized designs are always fun to see and Funko bringing these designs to life is its own wonder. The Funko Venomized line has been quite popular and with releases like it's no wonder why. Magneto was an NYCC 2020 exclusive is currently sold out but fans can find other Marvel Funko Pops here and start their own collection. I can imagine we will see plenty more Venomized Pops and don't miss out on all the Venom action in the upcoming Marvel Comics King in Black story arc.

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