Wonder Woman Faces Her Fears With XM Studios Newest DC Statue

The Queen of the Amazons is coming face to face with her Rogues Gallery as XM Studios reeves their brand new Wonder Woman statue. Coming in at a might 27" tall, Wonder Woman is showcased with some of her greatest villains around her in this beautifully sculpted statue. Handcrafted and hand-painted, the statue comes with two head sculpts, allowing collectors to display Wonder Woman with a fierce battle expression or calm, powerful expression. Some of the DC Comics villains included with this design are Ares, Cheetah, Silver Swan, Doctor Psycho, Strife, and the Sorceress Circe. XM Studios is also offering a marbled version of the statue that pays tribute to the elegance and design of Themyscira. Priced at roughly a whopping $2,712, Wonder Woman fans will bless their mighty heroine collections with a truly incredible piece here.

"XM Studios is excited to present our next 1:6 Epic Diorama DC Comics Premium Collectibles Wonder Woman Courage David Finch! A continuation from Batman Sanity, XM worked with David Finch to bring to you Wonder Woman Courage. Batman Sanity focuses on Batman's hold on his own sanity as his rogue gallery surrounds him. For Wonder Woman, the team seeks to create an art piece that encompasses and encapsulates the core of who Wonder Woman is. The Queen of the Amazons is powerful, inspiring and strong. And one thing for sure, she is courageous and undeterred even in the face of danger. Wonder Woman Courage David Finch depicts the foes of our Amazonian Warrior crowding and closing in on her. Despite the danger that lies beneath, she dives in, resolute in her path, with grace and courage."


"The 1:6 Diorama comes in two versions: Full Colour and Marble – Marble Ver: The Marble Version draws its inspiration from Wonder Woman's homeland, Themyscira, and gives tribute to Diana's roots – immortalising this scene as a marble monument of WW's courage and history. This unique piece will be definitely be a masterpiece in your collection."


  • 2 Head sculpts: 1 with a fierce shout, 1 features a poised and unyielding expression.
  • Crafted in cold cast porcelain.
  • Each handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the high quality finish
  • ES: MTO Max 499

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