Exclusive Funko Pop Vinyls Releasing For WonderCon 2021

It is that time of the year where convention season is in the air, but sadly many are not ready for such a populated event. WonderCon would be the newest convention that fans would be getting ready, but the physical event has been canceled. However, the fun for the con does not end there as Funko continues the trend of making their own virtual convention. Taking place between April 21st, 2021, and April 23rd, 2021, funatics will be ready for more giveaways, live streams, and much more. Of course, Funko has some exclusive collectibles for the event, with limited edition Pops and Soda on the way. We already covered all of the Funko Soda exclusives here, and this time we are check out all of the Funko Pop exclusive releases. The WonderCon 2021 exclusive Pops will consist of 7 releases, with one being a special 2-pack which will include:

  • Disney – Emperor's New Groove – Scientist Kronk and Mad Scientist Yzma
  • Disney – The Sword in the Stone – Madam Mim
  • Disney – The Three Musketeers – Donald Duck
  • Disney – Beauty & the Beast – Enchantress
  • Star Wars – Stormtrooper – Artist Style Gold
  • DC Comics – Justice League – The Atom
  • Pokemon – Jolten – Diamond Collection
  • Pokemon – Flareon – Diamond Collection

As you can see, Disney is dominating this year's WonderCon 2021 exclusives and with some great releases. Scientists Kronk and Yzma will be fun Pops to own, and the Beauty and the Beast Enchantress is beautifully sculpted. All of these Funko Pops are solid convention releases from The Atom and his dynamic display to the golden variant Stormtrooper; each will be a great new addition for any fan. Some of these will be shared exclusives, while others will be released only through the FunkoShop. WonderCon 2021 Virtual Con Edition will be another lottery system, so make sure you find out how to join if you have not already here. Stay tuned for more info on where to get some of these releases through shared retailers.

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