Let's Take A Look At The Eaglemoss WWE Fiend Figure

Eaglemoss has been doing WWE figures for some time now, and they have been doing a great job building a fan base around these. Dubbed the WWE Championship Figurine Collection, the line has grown to encompass a great number of legacy and current superstars. The figures are made of polyresin and feature the superstar posed in an iconic way on top of a WWE base. On top of that, you get a magazine "officially approved 16-page magazine. Written by WWE experts, the magazine takes a look at Kane's career, his greatest matches, signature moves, and the history of the WWE organization." I recently finally took the plunge and snagged my first: The Fiend. Let's take a look at it.

This Is One WWE Line Fans Should Be All Over

I like the box for these, even though it seems unnecessarily big. I get that the magazine is bigger, and it adheres to the box, but it feels like it leads to a lot of wasted space inside. The character art and window box are nice, though, and I am sure these display really well in the box for MOC collectors.

Where the WWE line succeeds is the paint aps on the wrestling gear. The faces are what they are; The Fiend looks fantastic because he is wearing a mask, and they can add a bunch of finer details. When it is a human face, it can be a touch rough. Not bad, but…rough. No, the wrestler's gear is always great, though. They always nail the littlest details on the gear, here doing a great job on Bray's striped outfit and leather jacket. Love that pose as well.

The magazine, however, is the main selling point for the WWE line. This is a really nice and well-done issue that goes over the character's complete history, key matches, move sets, rivals, and so much more. I was shocked and blown away by how well this is made; I was not expecting it at all. So much info, it makes it worth the $20 alone.

I really like the overall package here and will be buying more of these as I find them. You can order from the WWE Championship Collection right here.

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