X-Men Forge Joins The Sentinel Fight With Iron Studios Newest Release

Iron Studios continues to impress us with their extensive X-Men roster for their growing X-Men vs. Sentinel Diorama. This massive statue series shows off three Sentinels who are controlled by Magneto as he attacks the X-Mansion. Nice, the debut of these statues Iron Studios has slowly been releasing "add-on' characters for this intense mutant battle. These statues are perfect for the diorama but also make a great solo piece for any fan's Marvel collection. Unlike most companies, Iron Studios has reached beyond the usual cast of mutants and contours the trend with their newest release, Forge.

Forge and his unique power make him a perfect enemy for the Sentinel threat, and it seems he has brought his own arsenal to the party. Standing roughly 8.6" high, this mutant is shown in his classic Marvel Comics costume as he is placed on the surrounding debris. This X-Men statue is beautifully detailed and captures some raw emotion as this mutant enters the battle. He will be a great addition to the mighty X-Men vs. Sentinel Diorama but will be a fun single statue for any Marvel collectors. Forge is priced at $169.99, set to release in December 2021, and is up for pre-order here. Make sure to check to the other X-Men statues to add like Colossus, Jean Grey, Gambit, Beast, and so much more.

"Forge 1/10 Scale BDS Statue – The Lord of the Machines. The man known as Forge advances into battle over the rubble of the battlefield, with an unmistakable expression of fury, and carrying a true arsenal next to his cyborg body, he relentlessly attacks his enemies, after all, besides being a mutant master in technology, he is a proud warrior, native to the Cheyenne indigenous tribe. Thus, Iron Studios proudly presents its "Forge – X-Men – Bds Art Scale 1/10 – Iron Studios" statue.

Created by Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr., in addition to his mutant power described as "Intuitive Engineering," which gives him the ability to invent or recreate any electronic device in his subconscious (seeing connections and logical conclusions imperceptible to ordinary humans), Forge is skilled with firearms of all sizes and has natural mystical abilities, being able to cast countless Cheyenne spells."

"Being part of the X-Men vs. Sentinel Diorama (who are controlled by Magneto) and his followers of the Mutant Brotherhood, Forge's statue also works just as well individually, as in designing a larger battle scenario, joining other members of the golden team or with other statues from the X-Men, according to the preference of each collector."


  • Limited edition
  • Made in polystone
  • Hand painted
  • Includes detachable weapon burst
  • Product dimensions: 8.6 in (H) x 6.6 in (W) x 7.8 in (L)
  • Product Weight: 1.4 lbs

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