Let's Take an Early look at the Marvel Legends SDCC Exclusive Red Skull and Tesseract

Marvel Legends collectors always look forward to SDCC every year. Not only for the new figures Hasbro puts in their display cases and reveal at their panel, but for the exclusives they bring to the show of course! This year there are two offerings for sale at their booth, and they were gracious enough to send us both of them to give you an early look! Let's take a look at the Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years Marvel Legends Red Skull and Tesseract set.

First, as with all of their Marvel Legends SDCC exclusives, the packaging is fantastic. The Tesseract carrying case is decked out in Hydra symbols and has a slipcover that goes over the outside and gives you info on the Red Skull. This set is #0 in the line, fitting for the MCU film that comes first chronologically, Captain America: The First Avenger. Once you remove the slip, the front of the box opens up to reveal the figure and Tesseract, along with box flaps that reveal secret Hydra files on Cap, the Tesseract (Alias: Cosmic Cube. Nice touch.), Hydra tanks, and Yggdrasil the world tree. It is all very well done, with lots of easter eggs to pour over.

Once you free the goodies from their cardboard prison, the excellent work done here is apparent instantly. Starting with the Tesseract, the cube comes housed in a plastic container and wrapped in tissue paper. Great job there so as not to damage it. Once removed, you pull the cube apart to put batteries in the lightball inside. Turn it on by pressing the button, close the cube around it, and boom: you have your very own Tesseract. It stays together really well, and the sculpting is great. After a couple minutes the light goes off by itself. It is a tad annoying that to turn it back on you have to pry it apart again, but that's picking nits. It is way heavier than I anticipated as well, for sure one of my favorite pieces in the Marvel Legends role-play line.

As for Red Skull himself, man am I in love with this figure. This is basically the same one that is seeing general release, with some slight differences. This one comes with only a smaller version of the Tesseract, along with a right hand that can hold it. The regular release will have interchangeable pieces to make Hydra soldiers. I don't mind that those are not here though, this is the Red Skull show. They absolutely nailed the head sculpt on this one, it is one of the best of the year so far, maybe period. His coat does limit his posability a tad, but that's ok. It is a perfect replica of the oncreen look of the character. One of the best Marvel Legends figures of the year.

I have to say, this is one of my favorite exclusives they have done. At $60 with the premium packaging, light-up Tesseract, and figure that costs at least $20 at retail, it is well worth the price. I have zero complaints really, and hopefully you are lucky enough to add this to your collection. If you are not able to get your hands on it at SDCC, it will be available at a couple other cons this year, and on the Hasbro Toy Shop in August.


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