You Can Finally Buy 'Star Wars' Monopoly With Rey – If You Special Order It

The saga of the Star Wars edition of Monopoly that, for some reason, omits the main lead character of The Force Awakens may finally be wrapping up! A version of the game featuring Rey is finally coming to stores! Well, not to "stores" exactly. In one store — Hasbro's online outlet, at a special link for a set that will be available on July 25. But hey, it's better than nothing, right? That seems to be Hasbro's motto throughout this ordeal.

You Can Finally Buy 'Star Wars' Monopoly With Rey – If You Special Order It

When first asked by fans why the hell there wasn't a Rey token in the game (the obvious answer was "sexism," so maybe they thought the question was rhetorical), Hasbro has said that people could call them up if they wanted a Rey token, and then cited the lack of people willing to go through phone hell to get their hands on a token for a weird circular version of Monopoly that no one actually wants to play anyway – it's the principle of the matter – as evidence of "insufficient interest" in the token.

This didn't sit well with anyone, except maybe red-pillers who view a 2-inch plastic female jedi as a threat not only to their own masculinity, but masculinity as a general concept. In fact, even J. J. Abrams, the director of The Force Awakens and executive producer of its sequels, trolled Hasbro on Twitter over the lack of a Rey figure:

There's only so much of this kind of embarrassment one toy company can take and, with San Diego Comic Con happening this week, Hasbro certainly didn't want a bunch of Rey cosplayers standing around its booth giving them dirty looks. So, they've finally, begrudgingly agreed to sell the game with four tokens: Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Rey, and Finn, available starting July 25. The game had previously been available outside North America with the Rey token in early 2016, but now U.S. and Canadian fans can purchase it as well.

You Can Finally Buy 'Star Wars' Monopoly With Rey – If You Special Order It

All's well that ends well, it seems. It just took over 18 months to get here, which is roughly as long as your average game of Monopoly.



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