Could Elysian be Part of DC Comics 5G Wonder Woman?

Okay, so we told you that our former speculation regarding a possible 5G Wonder Woman to go alongside was off the mark. We've managed to establish with actual sources that DC comics has icon replacements planned with Luke Fox as Batman, Jonathan Kent as Superman, a child of Captain Boomerang as the Flash, and either Teen Lantern or the Far Sector lead as Green Lantern, and it's known as 5G, the fifth generation of the DC Comics Timeline. Possibly Francis Manapul on Aquaman. But speculation that the recent Wonder Woman Annual may have set up Helen Paul as an upcoming Wonder Woman doesn't seem to be the case.

Fine, that's often where speculation leads us. But has that stopped us? Not one bit. Steve Orlando is currently writing Wonder Woman, and we have no indication that he is stopping. Indeed, he may have been planning for this for a while.

Here is what he posted back in April

And there's the suggestion that Elysian could be a Wonder Woman legacy character and Luke as an Adam Strange legacy character. Queerly Nerd on Twitter posted the possible derivation of Elysian…

Looking For 5G Tea Leaves - Wonder Woman?

Could this indicate elements of 5G? Or has 5G replaced certain plans like this?

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