Avengers Shards of Infinity #1 Review: Straightforward, a Little Cheesy, but Fun

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When new authoritarian terrorist organization going by the name of L.U.N.A.R in control of a Cosmic Cube shard and Vibranium, with which they have created a moon-based superweapon, it's up to Avengers Black Widow, Black Panther, Captain America, and the Falcon to bring them down and save the world from the threat L.U.N.A.R poses.

Avengers: Shards of Infinity #1 cover by Andrea di Vito and Laura Villari
Avengers: Shards of Infinity #1 cover by Andrea di Vito and Laura Villari

Like Black Panther: The Sound and the Fury from two months ago, this is another one-shot, child-friendly, and straightforward tale from Ralph Macchio, Andrea di Vito, and Laura Villari intended to be an entry point for those with a budding interest in Marvel comics.

It has a little more going on than that Black Panther issue; the main actually characters exhibit qualities for which they're known. Cap is noble, Falcon is a bit snarky and headstrong, and Black Panther is a concerned leader. Black Widow is more akin to her on-screen persona, which is to say she is chatty and snarky too.

Those interested in continuity should abandon that while reading this book. It's not the MCU continuity, and it's certainly not the current 616 continuity. S.H.I.E.L.D is still around, for one thing. Also, Falcon has never worn that costume in the comics. I'm left thinking of Disney's Avengers Assemble cartoon more than anything else, and the cover resembles its animation style.

In any case, this is a fun story. There is something appealing in its simplicity; comic writers can sometimes conflate complexity and convolution. Some of the lines are corny, and characters have that old superhero cartoon quality of announcing what they're doing and/or their manifesto at the drop of a hat. No one dies; there is always a way out for everyone.

Captain America quotes John Lennon at the end. That must be worth something.

Avengers: Shards of Infinity #1 art by Andrea do Vito and Laura Villari
Avengers: Shards of Infinity #1 art by Andrea do Vito and Laura Villari

Di Vito's artwork is very appealing. The world is heavily detailed, the costumes look good. The lighting denotes its upbeat and high-adventure vibe which the writing aims. The action scenes focus more on the impact than the motion, which makes for some dynamic and appealing panels. There's a heavy quality to the inking which gives everything that extra bit of fantasy. Villari's color work is similarly bright and upbeat, and it looks great.

Avengers: Shards of Infinity #1 is a fun and light read best enjoyed by those just getting into Marvel or interested in a simple read about four classic Avengers. While it didn't grab me, it had its fun parts. I can recommend it. Feel free to pick it up.

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