Black Cat #2 Review: Signature Bravado and Relentless Daring

With a huge plan for a heist that could literally change the fate of the world, in Black Cat #2, Felicia Hardy has her signature bravado and relentless daring in hand as she dives face-first into the King In Black crossover. The elements specific to her current incarnation and crew are stellar, but unfortunately, the goopy tedium of the King In Black's dull motivations leave even the best of intentions undone.

Black Cat #2 Review: Signature Bravado and Relentless Daring
Black Cat #2 Cover. Credit: Marvel

There's a fantastic quote from the titular character that sums up this issue best. "Let me list the people I've ripped off in the last few months," she says before starting to tick off her fingers. "Doctor Strange. Reed Richards. Danny Rand (The Iron Fist). Kade Kilgore. Tony Stark. Need I go on? Do you think I'm going to bat an eye at a running game on some goofy alien space god? Any safe can be cracked." That sums up both her positioning and her bona fides as she aims to rescue Stephen Strange from the clutches of scores of symbiote dragons guarding him.

Jed McKay has an uncanny talent for working with the voice and high flying derring-do of Felicia Hardy. Likewise, the artwork of C.F. Villa, Brian Reber, and Ferran Delgado does a great job of capturing the madcap frenetics of the Black Cat and her crew as they go in to and out of ridiculous situations. Unfortunately, with pages of swimming through symbiote soup and wordless winged terrors chasing them, it's a lot of great pieces lost in a sea of amorphous ideas.

If you're a King In Black completist, spirit help you, this will be a high point in your purchases. If you're a fan of what McKay has done with Black Cat so far, this might be enough to work for you. If you're anybody else, this misses the mark by a thin margin. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

Black Cat #2
By Jed McKay, C.F. Villa, Pepe Larraz
A CLASSIC GAME OF CAT AND … SYMBIOTE? Black Cat has to steal from Knull himself! If you know Felicia Hardy, she never shows up inappropriately dressed. THIS ISSUE, Felicia gets her own ANTI-VENOM COSTUME!

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