'Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter' #1 Review: Bloody Fun

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Captian Kronos #1 cover variant by Tom Mandrake
Captian Kronos #1 cover variant by Tom Mandrake

Time to throw up another disclaimer (been doing this one a lot lately), I've not seen the original Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter film by Hammer Horror. I've also not read the House of Hammer comics in which the character was originally adapted to the comic book format.

Anywho, who is Captain Kronos? Well, read the title; he's a vampire hunter. He works in 17th Century Eastern Europe, hunting down vampires, demons, monsters, shades, et cetera.

This comic opens up with Kronos and his two associates, Grost and Carla, fighting off a vampire and his brigade of hypnotized sell swords. This comic is told from the perspective and narration of Carla.

They win the fight and are asked by a local patrol to assist them with a supernatural situation in their city of Serechurch. The three go to investigate, and the alderman of the city let them know how dire the situation really is.

Captain Kronos #1 art by Tom Mandrake and Sian Mandrake
Captain Kronos #1 art by Tom Mandrake and Sian Mandrake

This is an exciting and enthralling supernatural action/adventure comic book. Kronos is a cool and oddly moralistic hero. Grost is the more intellectual assistant, and Carla is a badass fighter.

Dan Abnett is the writer, and he continues to show how he's one of the best pros in the industry. It's paced well, and there is enough action and intrigue to keep the reader interested.

The comic doesn't do anything new, especially smart, or innovative. However, it doesn't really need to either. It's a horror-themed action comic about vampire hunters. Sometimes, just being exciting and fun is enough.

What helps is the excellent art of Tom Mandrake. The gore looks great, the action is awesome, and the characters are detailed and expressive. Sian Mandrake does the color work, and it jives with Tom's art very well.

That's Kronos: Vampire Hunter #1. It's a fun, gory, and engaging action/horror title. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I imagine many would. Give it a read.

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