Comic Book Creators Talk About The Life Of George Pérez

Yesterday, legendary comic book creator George Pérez told family, friends and the world that he had stage 3, inoperable pancreatic cancer. That he had chosen not to receive further medication. And had a life expectancy of six months to one year. The outpouring of memories and well-wishes from comic book creators and fans was a torrent. Here is just a small sample of some that we read.

  • Colleen Doran: Every day is a good day to tell the world how much you love George Perez.
  • Tom Brevoort: There's a story about George Pérez and Infinity Gauntlet that I tell to young artists and editors as a learning lesson. When George came back to work on Infinity Gauntlet, he hadn't been at Marvel for close to a decade. So after the first issue came out, George attended a convention, and was approached by an enthusiastic young fan, a kid of 12 or 13 years who just loved Infinity Gauntlet and George's work. And the kid enthused to George that, if he kept doing stuff like this, he could be the next Todd McFarlane! Now, understand, at this point George had done New Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman, JLA and earlier Avengers, Fantastic Four and tons more. It would be easy to take offense at this kid's unintended words.  But George said that he realized in that moment that, to this kid, it didn't matter what he had done years ago. All the fan cared about was what he was doing right now. And that he was actively competing with every other artist on the stands. And that made George determine that he could never rest on his laurels, that he had to constantly push and strive to compete and prove himself with every job. That nobody cared about how many books he had sold years ago. In other words, he realized that nobody is owed work and he decided that he would hit every page with the same fire he had when he was first starting out. There are creators old and new who could learn something from that.
  • Patrick Zircher: Superhero comics are better today because of George Perez. He became successful so fast because he just poured so much Effort into his work. It was immediately noticeable that, in a George Perez comic, everything mattered. It's hard work and it's tender, loving care.
  • Dave Gibbons: George Perez's love for humanity, comics and drawing shines through every picture he's drawn. And he's drawn so many…
  • Erik Larsen: I was a big George Pérez fan as a kid. I bought some of his original art early in my career–pages from the Teen Titans and the FF. Sorry to hear about his health issues.
  • Mitch Gerads: The silver lining here is we have time to let him know that he is the absolute GOAT.
  • Scott Snyder: I've been trying to find something to say about this all day. There really is no quantifying George's impact on my creative life, or on Comics, and the couple times I encountered him and geeked out he was inspiring and warm and kind. Mitch just put it best
  • JH Williams III: We've met only once. Wishing it had been so much more. But your work has always been a great inspiration to me. I'm heartbroken to hear about your condition. We love you George, nothing else I can say is more important than that. Love to your family.
  • Terry Moore: Robyn makes no secret of the fact that she thinks George Perez is the perfect man. I reminded her he confessed he doesn't know how to ride a bicycle but she says it doesn't matter. Still perfect. And I agree. Sending the master all our love.
  • Jill Thompson: I was incredibly fortunate that my first collaboration at DC Comics was on Wonder Woman with George Perez. His influence on comic artists is immeasurable. I send him and his family all the love.
  • Stephen Wacker: Assistant editing JLA/Avengers was one of the few times my natural fanboy got the better of me. I had (and still have) no idea how to talk to George Perez without bursting with WAAAY too much enthusiasm. His work means the world to me.
  • Tom King: George Perez, the kindest of men, has brought so much beauty into this world. As an artist, as a writer, as a human being, he is and will always be an inspiration for generations of creators and fans. All the love from the all the Kings to George and his family. Thank you, sir.
  • Gail Simone: I heard the news about George Perez, and I want to say something about how he changed my life, how important he is to so many. But I really can't talk about it publicly yet. It's too much. The best ever, that's all.
  • Fabian Nicieza: I was there for his very first published Marvel work. His very first regular assignment. His very first issue of Avengers. His legendary run on Teen Titans. George Perez has been a huge part of my life since I was 12 years old. He will be a part of my life forever.
  • Ben Templesmith: I met george several times & he was always lovely to me & gave back a lot to the fans. His comics work touches so many. So saddened to hear about his cancer diagnosis. He's one of the greats of the industry.
  • David Gallaher: I have nothing but wonderful memories of George Perez. When we were youngsters, @merever3
    had dinner together with him in 1999 at the Harvey Awards. I was a goofy charming jackass — and he was funny, gracious and kind. A giant among men. Always.
  • Sanford Greene: This cover made my 12-year-old mind…I was like " how did he draw all those figures on this small area?!?" #SALUTE to #GerorgePerez!!!Remembering George Perez
  • David Aja: We all love you, George Perez, you are the best. Thanks, big big hug, pal.
  • Phillip Hester: I once got put on a panel with George Perez, and even though I'd been drawing comics professionally for 20 years at the time, felt totally unqualified to share the dais… Until George went out of his way to make me feel like an equal. Incredible graciousness.
  • Andy Khouri: Many years ago @samhumphries and I were in New York and went into a bakery or something and all of a sudden George Pérez walked in and his smile lit up the whole place and he said hi to us, probably not knowing who we were, and when he left we were like OMG that was George Pérez!
  • Roger Langridge: Awful news about George Pérez. The love he poured into his work was always obvious, even if it wasn't your cup of tea – he is a huge talent (and by all accounts a genuinely lovely man) and doesn't deserve this.
  • Adam Kubert: Incredibly saddened by this. You and I have only met once, George, and it was from across a convention table. But I'll never forget how warm and genuine you were in our brief encounter. With love to you and your family. Adam
  • ChrisCross: After reading the letter that George Perez posted to the fans, I want people to know the power of diverse human putting their soul in their work. He's dying of cancer. And for some reason, I suddenly wanted to give Phil Jimenez a hug.
  • Evan Dorkin: May George Perez have more time and little pain and receive as much if not more of the love and joy he has brought to his fans. Power, praise and love.
  • Hank Kanalz: Absolutely devastated by the news about George Perez today. Such a kind and talented man, and hope we can connect again soon. He's had such a positive influence on so many, including me. My door when I was at DC:Remembering George Perez
  • Christos Gage: This was the last time I saw George Perez, eight years ago. He was happy, friendly, animated, sketching beautifully, for charity, and charging too little. All of which runs the man up in a nutshell. Please like his new Facebook page and let him know how much he means to you.
  • Eric Reynolds: George Perez's work was one of the things as a young boy that inspired a lifetime love affair with comics and I am forever grateful for that. Peace and love to him and his family.
  • Steve Orlando: At my first convention ever, when I was 12, every pro I met was doing signing shifts, except for George Perez, who was there from open to close, sketching for fans. His role in the industry can't be overstated. A great person, and a role model for all creators.
  • John McCrea: The first comics I read of George Perez's work-I got to meet him (for the only time, I guess) at Niagara Falls con-he was in the hotel lobby with his partner & I introduced myself and told him how much I enjoyed his work-he gave the impression of knowing who I was,he was lovely
  • Peter Krause: As a fan, when you found that George Perez was drawing a comic you knew you were in for a high-octane treat. But more importantly, what a gracious person he is! Grab all the joy you can, Mr. Perez—you've earned it.
  • Jason Aaron: George Perez made me a comic fan. His art seized hold of me as a child & forever imprinted in my mind as what a comic book should look like. Thank you to him for the immense joy he's contributed to the lives of so many. May his days be filled with love & respect.
  • Michael Avon Oeming: We love you #GeorgePerez
  • Tom Brevoort: After his retirement, George did his last Marvel page for me, for Marvel Comics #1000. After some discussion, he decided he wanted to do a White Tiger page, bringing his journey full circle and paying homage to co-creator Bill Mantlo.Remembering George Perez
  • Bruno Redondo: Accidentally, first superhero comic I ever had, when I was around 6 years, was drawn by George Perez (written by Marv Wolfman). As I grew up, I did read all his Titans run as part of my artistic education, then he gave me new and imprescindible lessons about- –
  • The Hero Initiative: George Pérez is a friend and comrade to all. He is one of Hero Initiative's founding board members. We love him, and celebrate him every day.
  • Jay Faerber: My god, I just heard the news about George Perez. What a legend. George is the first artist I could recognize by his style alone. My friends and I were obsessed with him in high school and he remains one of the greatest of all time. This is just awful.
  • Dan Jurgens: I've been fortunate to work with George Pérez in a number of different capacities and even more fortunate to call him friend. So sorry to hear the latest. Best of wishes and prayers to you, pal.
  • Andrea Shea: I'd wager there's not a single cape comic professional on the face of this earth whose work was not instigated, inspired, invigorated by George Perez and his singular talent. I've never worked with him, but I'm here because of him. Love to George and his family, now and always.
  • Brad Meltzer: Comic book master George Perez has Stage 3 pancreatic cancer and approximately six months to live. No other artist has had more impact on my life. He is one of the nicest people ever. I love his request to have one last event with his fans where he gets to hug each one.
  • Rob Liefeld: I sat next to George for nearly an entire day at San Diego in 1984. I loved Jericho and asked for a sketch in my book. He did this for me and told me I should try and ink it which I did over a vellum sheet. He's a special individual.
  • Darick Robertson: I cannot put into words the impact and influence that George Perez has had on my life and career. My pinnacle was him inking me when I illustrated this story for Marvel that Stan Lee wrote. Always kind and a gentleman and one of the best most innovative guys ever published.
  • Wilfredo Torres: I have so much love, respect and admiration for this GIANT. None of us know how many days we have left, all we can do is try to live them the best way we can. I hope however many days he has left are filled with joy surrounded by the people he loves. #F-CKCANCER #GeorgePerez
  • Ron Salas: One of things in comics that first made a huge impact on me was George Perez' work on Crisis on Infinite Earths. If that was the only thing he did it'd be huge already but he did so much more.
  • Chris Ryall: I loved when George inked other people. It's why the first half of "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" is so much better to look at than the conclusion
  • Jackson Lanzing: I had the enormous pleasure of signing next to George at one of my very first cons. He knew an extraordinary amount of his fans by name and was always ready with a story and a smile. A great creator, yes. One of the best to ever do it. But also a genuine example of a good man.
  • Joshua Dysart: Just saw the news about George Perez. I was fortunate enough to have had dinner with him and his wife several times while I was at Vertigo. What a beautiful, beautiful person. So much love to you, Mr. Perez. I hope I have even just a sliver of your grace in my own final days.
  • Declan Shalvey: An amazing artist dealing with the worst news with grace and class. Very, very sad but also stragely inspiring. I don't know George Perez at all but with him and his family all the best in the difficult days ahead.
  • Cullen Bunn: Terribly sad news about George Perez. I met him several times, almost always as a fan, first time when I was 13 or so. He was always so kind and thoughtful as I fawned over him. He is and always will be one of the greats.Dinesh Shamdasani: George Pérez is and always will be one of the greatest of all time. Heartbroken at the news but also inspired by how bravely he's facing it.
  • Peyton Reed: To George Pérez: The work you did on The Fantastic Four and The Avengers in the latter half of the 70s blew me away as a kid. I devoured every issue you drew and love them to this day. Sending you my love and gratitude. Thank you.
  • Rachael Stott: So heartbreaking, George Perez is an incredible figure in the world of comics. So so talented. I still remember my disbelief when my first ever published comic work, Star Trek/Planet of the Apes- and issue #1 had a George Perez cover and I just stared at it in aweRemembering George Perez
  • Aaron Meyers: This is incredibly sad. George Perez is not only one of the Titans of Comics but he's one of the kindest people you could ever hope to meet. I only have the most dear and loving hope for him.]
  • Francesco Francavilla: Saddened to hear about GEORGE PEREZ's inoperable cancer prognosis. A true master of comics, admired and revered by peers and fans. Sending him and his family much love and wishing them as much serenity & joy as possible in the months ahead.
  • Mark Brooks: This is such sad news. I hope George has a joyful fulfilling time in his last days. George has always been a roll model for me in the way he treats and interacts with his fans. He is a delight for everyone who meets him. be nice but if you can't be nice, be George Perez.
  • Adam Markiewicz: Calling George Perez one of the greatest comics artists of all time is like declaring water is wet. It's just fact. I'm devastated by the news that he has cancer, but take solace in the fact that he's still around to see the comics community show their love and appreciation.
  • Michael W Conrad: It goes without saying that George Pérez is among the best to ever do it. I admire his many talents, his heart, & his bravery. Teen Titans was formative, & of course his work on Wonder Woman has been/will be a huge influence on my work— & that of everyone who visits Themyscira.
  • Colin Smith: Immensely sad to hear that the great, and by every single account the quite lovely, George Perez will not be with us for very much longer. His work's thrilled & fascinated me for decades. It has also offered a welcome place of refuge & solace. Thank you for everything, Mr Perez.
  • Pat Brosseau: Some sad news coming from George Perez this morning. The artistic impact he had on the world of comics starting in the 70s is such an incredible achievement. I hope his suffering is minimal.
  • Valerio Schiti: There are no words to say how terrible the news about George Perez are. But his art will live and grow, because his talent will inspire our pages forever. Like a true Maestro
  • Rob Liefeld: I also had George Perez draw the entirety of my Extreme Universe for this special poster in 1993. They are all there, Prophet, Youngblood, Brigade, Bloodstrike, Glory… many more.Remembering George Perez
  • Peter J. Tomasi: Definition of Legend: George Perez!
  • Matthew Rosenberg: Sending all my love to George Perez and his family. It's hard to even calculate the amount of joy and wonder that man put into this world.
  • Christopher Cantwell: One of my favorite renderings of Korvac, one that inspired me over and over as I wrote over the last few years. By the unmatched George Perez.Remembering George Perez
  • Peter Krause: As a fan, when you found that George Perez was drawing a comic you knew you were in for a high-octane treat. But more importantly, what a gracious person he is! Grab all the joy you can, Mr. Perez—you've earned it.
  • Rob Williams: Very sad news about George Perez today. When I was a kid I had this comic and it was a complete joy. Good thoughts his way.
  • Kurt Busiek: I'm incredibly saddened by this, and we're all facing a huge loss. I "met" George like most of us did, in the pages of a comic book. And I've been privileged since to work with him, to get to know him, to be friends. The world will be a lesser place without George Pérez in it. But I'm also grateful that we have some time to say thank you to George for all he's done, and for being a wonderful person as well as a huge talent. As reader, collaborator and friend, I'm glad to know you, George. To have known you. And you'll be part of my life, and all of our lives, forever. Thanks for everything.
  • Bill Sienkiewicz: Dammit. George Perez has been diagnosed with stage 3 inoperable pancreatic cancer. I'm gutted. He is -and I mean this literally- my oldest and dearest friend in this crazy business. He took me under his wing when I first began and helped shape me into a semblance of a human being. I truly love him. F-ck cancer.
  • Chris Roberson: All together now. It's hard to imagine anyone other than George Perez pulling this one off.
  • Chris Ryall: Reminder that George Perez is one of very few creators to exist in the Marvel and DC universes. And of course he looks great in both, since he was drawn both times by…George Perez.
  • George Gene Gustines: George Pérez made me a rabid comics fan. His artwork is amazing & he is embodies the nickname Gentlemen George. I got to meet him when I was 18 & he was the first comics creator to give me a cameo, long before I ever reported one word about comics for The Times. #GeorgePerez
  • Sal Abbinanti: Thoughts and prayers for the amazing #GeorgePerez #weloveyou #legend your work has enriched our lives
  • Bill Rosemann: What a brave and moving message by the legendary George Perez, an all-time master of comic book art. How many kids did his exquisite lines transform into life-long readers? How many artists did he inspire to chase their dreams? We honor and love you, George. #ThankYouGeorgePerez
  • Patton Oswalt: I'm re-tweeting this because holy SH-T the detail in this poster is INSANE. Zoom in and gape. George Perez 4EVA. #GeorgePerez

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