Big First Appearance You Can't Miss in Buffy The Vampire Slayer #14

For months we've been hearing that the upcoming Buffy: Every Generation one shot from Boom Studios will debut "the most important new Buffy character ever"… but it looks like longtime Whedon fans won't have to wait till June 3rd for a big First Appearance. I'm hearing that Buffy the Vampire Slayer #14, which hits stores […]

bone parish

Netflix Speculators Paying $120 for Bone Parish #1

Last week it was Something is Killing The Children #1 as one of the top comics with speculators and fans who were chasing all the big Boom! Studios debut issues after the announcement of their First Look deal with Netflix. But this week it's Cullen Bunn and Jonas Scharf's Bone Parish #1 that is the […]


Spider-Woman Most Ordered Comic in Diamond March 2020 Marketshare

We were wondering where the Diamond Comic Distributors March 2020 marketshare statistics might have got to. Well, it has been a peculiar month. Rather than the usual Friday/Monday release, we are getting the marketshare and top tens today followed by the full stats tomorrow. So here we go, Spider-Woman and all. As it stands comic […]

A Message to Retailers from BOOM! Studios

Boom's Filip Sablik Praises Comic Shops For Creating a Third Space

Filip Sablik, President, Publishing & Marketing of Boom Studios, has released a message to comic book retailers. He talks up the comic book store and the comic store owner in this time of trial and how they create what he dubs a third space in our lives. While emphasising how important a third space is […]


Netflix Speculators Want Something Is Killing The Children #1

While Diamond announced that single issue comics will be back in comic shops soon and DC announced some new releases even sooner, comic shop retailers are still wondering if fans will come back with the same interest in spending money as they did before the current crisis. Well, it looks like fans are still spending […]


Speculators Dropping $100 on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/TMNT#3

As comic shop retailers look for ways to drive sales when new single-issue comics aren't shipping each week, they've explored options like ComicsHub and even put forth their own plans for how the industry should run. However, there's one group of fans who are still the most willing to put down the big bucks that […]


Now We Get Boom Zoom Videoconferencing Backgrounds

Recently, Bleeding Cool has been overwhelmed by people wanting the DC, Marvel and Disney Zoom videoconferencing backgrounds to liven up family of business group chats. And now Disney-owned comic book publisher Boom Studios wants in on this business. So they have provided high res background images for some of its bigger comic book titles. Can […]

Radical Shift Of Gravity, one of a number of comics published this week.

All Comics Published This Week From Marvel, DC, Image and More

Diamond Comic Distributors closed its doors to new product two weeks ago. This led to the biggest print comics publishers restricting their digital output as well. This was an attempt to support physical comic book stores, unable to receive print comics from Diamond. The suggestion is that continued digital publication right would cannibalise future print […]


Once & Future Review: A Dangerously Great Retelling of King Arthur

A scabbard without a sword inspires few legends and has never led to the murder of an unprepared archaeologist. Most would brush off the tragic end to a man lost in a senseless crime; thefts and their fallout are nothing new to the 24-hour news cycle. One grandmother knows better, however, and once she hears […]


Batman #92, Empyre #0 Lead Scheduled Releases This Week on ComiXology

Batman #92, Empyre #0: Avengers and Empyre #0: Fantastic Four lead the list of scheduled releases this week on Comixology. Bleeding Cool has taken a look at all the titles that the major comic book publishers still have scheduled on ComiXology for release this coming Wednesday, April 1st. While a number of publishers have pulled […]

Comic Book Publisher Artist drawing comic art

Comprehensive Rundown of Every Comic Book Publisher's Current Status

It's been a hectic month full of announcements from comic book publishers reacting to the rapidly-changing business conditions created by the coronavirus pandemic. We've been keeping you informed about current matters within the industry here at Bleeding Cool, as every comic book publisher in the business assesses how to navigate these unprecedented conditions. Here's a […]

BOOM! Heads to ALA with R.L. Stine, Delilah S. Dawson, Greg Pak, More

Boom Studios Stops Printing Comics, Keeps Graphic Novels, No Digital

Comic book publisher Boom Studios has issued the following to comic book retailers, in the light of the current coronavirus pandemic shutdown of the comic book direct market. Including letting us know that Diamond Comic Distributors has two weeks worth of the industry's comics in storage, that Boom won't be printing any more for now […]


Rebecca Sugar Says Steven Universe Will Not Continue as a Comic Book

Bad news for hardcore fans of the Cartoon Network animated series Steven Universe, a group colloquially known as Stevebronies. Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar has shot down rumors that the show will continue in comic book form after the hour-long Steven Universe Future series finale airing later this week. Sugar took to Twitter to crush […]


The State of the Comics Industry Under Coronavirus – On Tuesday

I have been writing this article for almost twenty-four hours. Been talking to senior comic book industry figure after another. The problem is, the second I get a hold of what might actually be going on, the situation changes from under me. But everyone is agreeing that this current coronavirus pandemic, and the reaction to […]

BOOM! Sets Final Volume of Llovet and Azzarello's Faithless for 2021

BOOM! Preps Final Volume of Llovet and Azzarello's Faithless for 2021

The world may be currently shut down as we attempt to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn't mean people need to stop masturbating to comics. In fact, they may even be masturbating more, stuck at home with nothing better to do. With that in mind, Faithless II #1 launches from explosive […]

Boom Studios To Reduce Shipments To Comic Stores In Coming Months

Boom Studios CEO and co-founder Ross Richie has issued the following statement – bold highlights are ours. To Our Retail Partners, This is the moment where everything changes. Except for one thing. We are all experiencing a lot of disruption, personally and professionally. It feels like every day brings new challenges. I run a business […]

FOC Cover Stories From Boom and Dynamite - From Red Sonja to Red Mother

FOC Cover Stories From Boom and Dynamite – From Red Sonja to Red Mother

Boom Studios and Dynamite Entertainment are the leading proponent of what is known as the FOC cover, releasing cover images just before the Final Order Cut-Off date in an attempt to goose last minute orders out of retailers. But this week, Marvel, Valiant, Vault and DC are stepping in too. Dynamite especially use tiered covers, […]

Gabby Rivera Adapts Her Novel Juliet Takes a Breath as a Comic with Celia Moscote at BOOM!

Gabby Rivera Adapts Her Novel Juliet Takes a Breath as a Comic with Celia Moscote at BOOM!

Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has announced a graphic novel adaptation of Gabby Rivera's bestselling novel, Juliet Takes a Breath, with Rivera handling the script, Celia Moscote on art, and James Fenner on colors. Set to hit stores in November, Juliet Takes a Breath is billed as "an unforgettable queery coming-of-age story exploring race, identity, and […]