Doctor Strange #387 Review: Getting Back on Track

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Doctor Strange has been broken, beaten, and left to bleed out within Mephisto's Hotel Inferno in the Las Vegas hellscape. All hope seems lost when he gets an astral message from his closest friend, Wong. He tells Stephen of the team he's put together to save both Las Vegas and the Sorcerer Supreme.

Then, something even more unexpected happens: Clea arrives along with Loki and the Scarlet Witch. They heal Strange and lead him out of the casino.

Doctor Strange #387 cover by Mike del Mundo
Doctor Strange #387 cover by Mike del Mundo

Doctor Strange #387 finally starts to rectify some of the glaring problems of Damnation. Where the first issue of Damnation started off with Strange doing something monumentally stupid and arrogant, and Doctor Strange #386 was a smug game of demonic blackjack made worse by a continued misunderstanding of what the comic is presenting, this issue brings Stephen Strange low for his actions. He finally admits that this is entirely his own fault, and he shows repentance for it.

It's simple, but it makes a world of difference within a story like this. Having the hero continually shrug off the consequences of his actions and play like he was correct all along could and almost did kill this story. However, Strange finally seems to get it through his bearded head that he screwed this one up.

The book still has some fun. Strange and Loki constantly bicker while Wanda tries to get the boys in line. It's cool seeing Clea once again; one might get the impression that Doctor Strange had forgotten her existence.

There is a plot twist at the end that works well enough; it actually goes further to punish Strange specifically for his arrogance.

Doctor Strange #387 art by Niko Henrichon with Laurent Grossat
Doctor Strange #387 art by Niko Henrichon with Laurent Grossat

Niko Henrichon's artwork is still a fantastic fit for this comic title. It's highly stylized, highly detailed, somewhat ethereal, and makes the world a mixture of wondrous and foreboding. The color work of Henrichon and Laurent Grossat adds to the atmosphere with contrasting colors and eye-catching gradience. This is a great-looking book.

Doctor Strange #387 (along with Damnation #2) give me some hope for the rest of this story. It shows some acknowledgement that Strange wasn't inherently correct in his actions, and it adequately punishes the Sorcerer Supreme for his titanic ego. Plus, Henrichon's artwork is great. This one earns a recommendation. Check it out.

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