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Marvel Wants You To See Their Man-Things Touch
Not just Man Things coming though, it seems that there are also plenty of Doctor Dooms as well. Avengers Forever #5 cover As well as a Celestial-looking Spider-Man With absolute cosmic power there must also come absolute cosmic responsibility. Avengers Forever #5 cover   BURN AT THE TOUCH OF THE MAN-THING AVENGERS! Jason Aaron and Jim Towe introduce a fearsome[...]
A Heap of Coincidences in House of Secrets 92's Swamp Thing
It was a protagonist who could never interact with anybody so I came up with the idea of fear. Similar scenes from Savage Tales #1 and House of Secrets #92. The Things in the Swamp Naturally, this raised some eyebrows at Marvel, according to editor/writer Roy Thomas, who is credited with much of the Man Thing concept.  In[...]
Doctor Strange #387 cover by Mike del Mundo
Doctor Strange has been beaten, broken, and left to die by Mephisto after the Sorcerer Supreme attempted to cheat his way into saving Las Vegas. Fortunately, some old friends have come to Stephen's aid. Does it make for a good read?