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How DC Comics' Future State Was Originally Intended To Lead Into 5G

Future State? One year ago, Bleeding Cool ran an article. Stating that DC Comics were going to do their DC Band-Aid trick again, a two month gap to get their books back on schedule, so that the main comics could relaunch for 5G, with existing DC characters aged up and new characters taking their familiar roles. A new Batman, a new Superman, a new Flash and more. Oh, the two-month gap would be run by Marie Javins.

Then publisher Dan DiDio, whose baby 5G was, was fired. Then the shutdown happened. 5G was done away with as a major relaunch with prepared material sidelined into its own mini-Ultimate-style universe. Then almost all senior editors at DC were fired – as Marie Javins was promoted to Editor-In-Chief.

And now in January 2021 and February 2021, months after it was originally planned, we are getting Future State, as also first mentioned on Bleeding Cool. A two-month pause for ongoing titles while they get ready for… well whatever it is now. Plans have changed, plots have followed those changes, But vestigial remnants remain. What would have been the relaunch of the ongoing Batman title by John Ridley with Lucius Fox's son as Batman is now a mini-series. And we have the Generations short stories, one-shots and Future State. And rather than Death Metal's conclusion leading into 5G, with the central characters being aged up, it now segues into Generations: Shattered which follows on from the Detective Comics #1027 story and then into Future State and Generations: Forged, which also seems to be addressing the original plans for the New DC Timeline as well, spread out across the twentieth century.

In a DC PR-approved interview between Dan Jurgens and Mike Doran of DC media partner Gamesradar, Jurgens laid out some and teased much. Here are five notable sentences that those who have been following Bleeding Cool scoops and revelations over what DC Comics' 5G, Generation Five and the New DC Timeline were meant to be, may find familiar and intriguing in equal parts.

  1. "I don't think it's any great secret that DC was working toward some developments with its line that aren't now going to happen."
  2. "The project really gets into the idea of the different generations of the DC universe."
  3. "Death Metal builds toward a very specific conclusion that allows us to tell our story."
  4. "Our story will deal with one way that we look at the universe of characters that we're dealing with. In terms of mechanics you mean, "How does this all connect," yes, we'll address that."
  5. "We'll address how these characters and eras actually connect through the years and eras we've seen and what that means in terms of the way these characters relate. We'll really dig into that the following month in Generations: Forged"

Might also explain a little of the look of this cover to Death Metal #7…

How DC Comics' Future State Was Originally Intended To Lead Into 5G

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