HS Tak and Isabella Mazzanti Visit Feudal Japan for Hitomi in October

HS Tak and Isabella Mazzanti are teaming up for a new historical fiction story at Image Comics, Hitomi, this October. The series is set in feudal Japan and stars a female warrior looking to earn the title of Samurai, which is normally reserved only for men and rabbits. Hitomi is described as "combining the historical sweep and elegance of Kurosawa with the visceral action of Tarantino," which just so happens to be one of the Five Essential Comic Book Pitches Every Creator Needs If They Want to Land an Image Series About One of the Five Things Image Publishes Series About, along with "gods living in the world of humans," "music as a superpower," "dragon men with insatiable lust," and "the future, but it's bad." So you know this is going to be good!

The press release contains more info and an easy way to pad the word count of this article:

In Hitomi, a drifter with no prospects in Feudal-era Japan begins training in secret under Yasuke, a now-disgraced former samurai, as she struggles to find her place in a society entrenched in discrimination and violence.

Combining the historical sweep and elegance of Kurosawa with the visceral action of Tarantino, this saga follows the trials and tribulations of a young female warrior who travels the countryside unendingly as she works to gain the rank of Samurai—a title no man, monster, or myth can give to her, but one that she will have to take for herself.

Tak had the following to say about Hitomi:

I imagined a long day's journey by foot on the Edo Road. Posting up at a roadside Sakaya, legs aching. But the night still young, the land wild and filled with bad guys; my teacher looking at me, chewing his salted fish. Adjusting the empty scabbard at his hip and cursing his luck. What happens next? This is the world we set out to create in Hitomi; a story about two outsiders who forge an unusual bond in a turbulent and beautiful world.

And Mazzanti added:

Fighting to be your true self—that is Hitomi for me. Sometimes your hands are empty, the road in front of you dangerous, and you have no friends or family at your side. But there is a voice in your heart that says 'go on, overcome your fears and dance with them, as the most beautiful flower that grows in dry, harsh soil, delicate yet resilient and strong.'

Hitomi #1 will be in stores on October 12th.

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